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Coinpeople Currency Signup thread


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If you would like to take part in the CP 'currency' experiment then this is where you sign up, but beforedoing so please ensure you have read and understood the following;



1) Notes denominated in Guineas and Coinbucks are in no way legal tender in any sense but are designed merely for fun.


2) The designers and issuers of the notes and the owner of this forum will not guarantee in anyway that these notes are acceptable in auctions or trades, acceptance of such notes in this manner is purely up to the seller and or buyer's agreement.


3) By listing your name below you are accepting these terms and conditions and that you recognise the fact that the notes are gifts that are merely for fun and are not legal tender in anyway.



That's it.


The more people that sign up for this experiment the merrier! You might just enjoy it! :ninja:

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Yo :ninja:

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Of course! :ninja:


Sheesh, you even thought you had to ask. ;)


Great idea!

Thank you for offering! ;)



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