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  1. My first for 2010 would be my new Australian silver Koala. I don't expect to see any U.S. coinage for months other than the 2010 Silver Eagles which should be in my hands before the 10th. Love that silver!
  2. I have given up on finding the new Lincoln cents for my family and their collections. It is a pretty sad state of affairs when a life long collector can't afford a few new PENNIES (CENTS) at a fair price. The Mint ripped off collectors at $8.95 plus shipping at $4.95 after seeing the fools spending their life savings on Ebay for a roll. Guess I shouldn't complain as this rivals tickets to a concert or pro sports game. As long as the fools have more money than brains the prices will escalate! If I get them at a fair price, so be it. And if I don't get them, who cares! They are just pennies!
  3. One of the rumors floating around here is the mere fact the U.S. Mint got wind of all the fools bidding $20 to $40 per roll on Ebay Pre-sell Auctions for the 2009 Lincoln Cents. Ebay rules require pre-sales must be shipped within a specific amount of time so the Mint is making absolutely certain that does NOT happen. As we all know the U.S. Mint is notorious for trying to control the secondary market on THEIR coins (thats the way they see it) so if there is more money to be made the MINT wants to be in on it. If you think I am kidding just wait and see if those precious 2009 Lincoln business strikes aren't offered up by the mint in the next few weeks. Getting them for a measly $2 to $4 per roll, plus shipping of course, is going to kill those Ebay sellers and all the "I got to have them now no matter what the cost" bidders. The Mint is going to make certain a shock is coming for those who jumped the gun! Like it or not the folks who run the mint are in it for the MONEY just as everyone else is and a huge opportunity has NOW presented itself. You want 2009 Lincoln cents? The Mint is going to take care of you-----for a price of course. Me, well I want a few rolls but....which devil do I buy them from?
  4. I have the following two Vatican City coins for sale and I would much rather advertise them here than on the "bay"! I have checked various sale prices on the "Bays" and come up with the prices for both pieces. I will turn to Ebay auctions after Jan. 6, 2009 to sell off these items if no one is interested here. Thank you for looking. 2002 Vatican City Silver $5 Euro commemorative. Very beautiful design commemorating Progress of Women. I believe it shows a very attractive Europa standing on a bridge of time. And, of course, Pope John Paul on the obverse....$150.00 2005 Vatican City Commemorative $2 Euro. Commemorating the 20th World Youth Day.......SOLD.........................SOLD Both items are in their original folder and/or display case with certificate of authenticity. Shipping is free to the U.S. and $3.00 to the rest of the world UNLESS you require "Registered Mail" for safe delivery. Shipping costs would then be actual cost to be determined by USPS current fees. Payment by PayPal. Email if you have questions. CHANGED PRICE ON 2002 SILVER COMMEMORATIVE TO $150 with FREE shipping.
  5. Anything would be better than the current round of dead politicians. It is as if Congress is afraid we might forget one of them? And, quite frankly, most are not worth remembering! The dollar program is already a bust with some of the most boring designs (portraits) I have ever seen. Nothing more than re-sculpted Mint medallions. The only bright spot in the dollar program is the fact they are changing the reverse each year, from here on out, on the Sacagawea dollar. I can't cast my opinion on the National Parks quarters but do hope someone at the mint can think outside of the box with these designs.
  6. I have been collecting the Euro since it was released in 2002. I seek out a business strike set from each EU nation and then concentrate on the $2 commemoratives and silver commemoratives as I can find them or afford them. Needless to say the last couple of years getting the coins has grown a bit tougher. Costs are up, including shipping, and I just don't see many U.S. dealers willing to handle the silvers and, if they do, the premiums are through the roof. I have a complete set of German silver euro commemoratives (2002 through 2007) but I am now losing my connection due to a move to Australia. I keep plugging along with help of other European collectors and by using Ebay now and then but living in the middle of the U.S. does hamper such collecting. For what it is worth I too like the Greek owl but have found, since I started collecting the Euro, there is much to learn about the history of Europe our schools fail to teach us over here. Been one huge learning experience for me so I have enjoyed it very much.
  7. Hi Terry.

    Forgot that I joined this group in 2006.

    Just now re-joined!


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