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  1. Well, I am speechless. I received a very nice, unsolicited, and completley unexpected packed from Bill today. It contained articals that he knows my wife, and myself collected. I am convinced Bill is a genuinly nice person, and I owe you, thanks Bill!
  2. Ray


    Received my auction wins from Jeff. well packaged and fast. Thanks Jeff
  3. Ray


    Received my auction coin today, Things couldn't have gone better...thanks Jeff
  4. What can I say that hasn't already been said.... Bill is a wonderful person to deal with!
  5. Ray


    Coins arrived... as advertised, great prices, and packaged well. thanks Jeff
  6. Received the lastest package from Bill today. As always great coins, with appreciated extras. Thank you Bill!
  7. Ray

    Sir Sisu

    Received the Spainish e Euro, and a very nice Soviet extra. Thank you Harri
  8. Five wonderful coins from Bill, many thanks
  9. kryptonite...you have some very nice coins!
  10. Sir, I would love to have one if you can get them. Thanks!
  11. I am just starting to collect ship coins. The two you posted are both very nice. I like the Kontiki coin, as I have read the book a couple of times, the Chinese coin is very nice on both sides.
  12. I have absolutley no knowledge, but that is a neat presentation!
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