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  1. Upon retuning from Portland yesterday, I had an interesting, and disturbing envelope from the USPS. All that was in it is a crinkled, jagged edged scrap of paper with my name and address. It is obviously from an envelope that was sent to me. The back of the USPS envelope say's "WE CARE", and an apology for damaging my mail. The way the paper is crinkled, I think something (a coin)? may have been in the original envelope that got caught in the cancelling machine. I will take it to the PO tomorrow, but I'm sure there is nothing they can do. I will always wonder where this came from though, and what was in it.
  2. Suppose he was trying to develop a new method for toning?? I ain't buying it (pun intended)
  3. Well, I am speechless. I received a very nice, unsolicited, and completley unexpected packed from Bill today. It contained articals that he knows my wife, and myself collected. I am convinced Bill is a genuinly nice person, and I owe you, thanks Bill!
  4. "This half was sent to PCGS for grading, about 5 years back, came back in a body bag for questionable surfaces, ie: thumbing. I don't know, I cant see it. Of course it's my coin, so maybe I don't want to see it" Looks great to me. What is thumbing?
  5. " I now have completed my seventh set of mint state Carson City Morgans". Wow that is impressive. Do you still own all seven, or do you sell them as sets once completed?
  6. Ray


    Received the coins, plus some very nice extras. Thanks Sandra!
  7. Yikes.... I hope this wasn't me. I am a horrible organizer, and also very forgetful
  8. Hi Bill, I would like to buy #6
  9. 1943-D, silver war nickel, MS65 or better, close to full step-neat die crack on reverse from rim to top of dome, a bit of rainbow toning at the bottom obverse - $10.00
  10. I'm with you! I am still paying for the trip to Arizona, and still owe a couple of people for coins I cannot overstate my appreciation for their understanding. there are some really nice folks on this forum, that I would like to meet in person someday.
  11. Wow, that was fast. Who got # 24, wanna sellit?
  12. Amazing, already 11 bids and up to $158.
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