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  2. Bought a few times from them, nothing in that specific auction though. No problems with payments, they usually take forever to ship coins (months). Also, there are fakes in pretty much every auction, not all are sold as "collector's copies". Good luck!
  3. Ahh well, thanks for the warm welcome anyway.
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  5. Looks IMHO to be old roman coins without close up photos hard to really say
  6. So sorry to hear this. Keep us posted on this. I had wondered about using Katz and this answers that question. FYI a top coin guy told me that you are always safe if you buy com members of International Association of Professional Numismatists. So I always check Katz is not a member
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  8. Anyone else have problems with Katz in Prauge not communicating? Bought some coins from the recent Auction 35, and wired them payment. They say they dont have it, its been 3 weeks. They requested and I sent proof of wire transfer. No response at all now. First Auction with them. Next step is to try a phone call.
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  10. So I found this dime the other day going through my change which I have been doing for a couple years now. But I believe I may have found something special. There is the filled in mint mark but besides that which you can kind of see in the photos is the cladding is sloppy and on the reverse there is a lot of doubling. I just want some feed back since I'm fairly new. Looking forward to hearing what some of you think. Thanks, Ian
  11. Greetings, I'm quite a newbie to Numismatics and the forum here is a great help. I have a question please about which of the two following coins would be more desirable and a better investment... 2009 Kew Gardens 50 pence graded - NGC PF70 ULTRA CAMEO or 2009 Kew Gardens 50p pence graded - NGC MS69 DPL BU I'm unsure if there is a definitive answer to this, but any advice is warmly welcomed, thanks. Regards, Matt MS PF
  12. Here's an example for your use! Yarm
  13. When is a token not a token? When somebody removes the ribbon and loop from an army service medal. this is an Army Mexican service medal https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mexican_Service_Medal There were two versions Army and Navy ones. As far as I can determine they made tokens of this medal. On the edge you can see were the loop was snapped off. And on another note this may be the last post for awhile,due to the virus it seems that most of what comes into the LCS. Has been coins,and bullion, very little tokens. so I am fresh out of posting subjects. I haven't took
  14. Hi, I'm looking for this coin. I'm a collage illustrator and I'm searching for a photo of this 1812 penny. I've found a lot of photos around the web, but I'd need an authorized photo. If someone has this coin and would be able to take a photo of it and would authorize the usage and edit of that same photo, please contact me. Thank you so much!
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  16. Professional photographers use photo retouching services to save time. In the past, mechanical filters applied to camera lenses were the standard way to go about minor corrections or particular types of image improvements to achieve remarkable results. Now, it is increasingly common that digital post-production software lets professionals create better visual effects that were once very expensive and very complicated to make. The better the result, the more techniques are necessary. To learn how to get the most precise effect takes time and a great deal of effort. Business owners and prof
  17. Hi, I am looking for a information about monetary system change in different territories: 1864-1873 - Schleswig-Holstein what money were used before German invasion danish riksdaler or something else and what was exchange fix rate to Prussian Vereinsthaler or German Mark and how German Papier Mark was change in this territory to Danish Krone in 1920? 1912 - Dodecanese Islands turkish lira to italian lira and in 1943-1945 to british war money and to greek drachma 1940 - greek drachma to ionian island drachma and to italian lira 1940 - greek drachma to bulgarian lev 1943 - ionian dra
  18. Hi I am having a really hard time trying to identify these coins i believe one to be greek while the others to be Roman thank you
  19. iMHO looks like rust or something but the photo is not clear so hard to say
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