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  3. We have a large sale of coins and other paper money coming up in a week. Here is a link to the auction. https://www.liveauctioneers.com/catalog/218722_coins-and-currency-auction/ below are a few pics but with over 300 items I'm sure you'll find something for your collection or investment.
  4. SMS

    Slabbed Vs. Raw

    Take a picture...it'll last longer! I personally have a couple of coins that are in slabs, but mostly as part of my "slab type set". But, I generally do like to handle my coins. Far too many "collectors" buy slabbed coins to have them "rot" away in some safe deposit box somewhere and admire them by digital photo. I see no reason to have the coin if you are simply going to admire it through photos or your own personal "glass window".
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  6. I have this Rare 50p Brexit Coin, uncirculated 31January 2020 link bellow http://ebay.us/HmCAW2?cmpnId=533
  7. Is anyone looking to sell either the 2002 4 coin sovereign set 2005 4 coin sovereign set 2016 5 coin sovereign set 2017 5 coin sovereign set In capsules and case with coa not slabbed.
  8. Thanks for the info any idea if it’s worth anything?
  9. It looks like contemporary counterfeit. Still pretty neat.
  10. I propose an idea. Forgive US dollar. 4ArtWoodCNLetUSA.docx РекКнForgusDol.docx ArtFor$&TrastPubl1.docx
  11. Hi bought this coin as an error coin but not sure if it’s Uk or USA any help would be appreciated
  12. Im curious, if it was smashed up with some type of tool wouldn't there be some type of intonation marks from the tool?
  13. Looks like it got mooshed up against the obverse of a pre-2004 (and judging by what I can make out of the date, 1999 or before, possibly 1960-something) Jefferson nickel. Alas, I am not qualified to tell you if that happened in the mint or afterwards.
  14. ikaros

    Slabbed Vs. Raw

    I have come to appreciate slabs in certain circumstances. My Ikes are all slabbed; that was a conscious decision to collect them that way, kinda just to do it. Almost all the rest are raw. If I'm buying as a type coin, it just needs to be VF or better in the picture. The Ikes I decided I wanted to all be a minimum of MS-65, and that means professional grading to me. The only other slabs just happened to be the right coin at the right price at the right time.
  15. It looks like glue or some type of adhesive. Give it an acetone bath, see if it come off.
  16. I have a 2018 with no face a dent in the middle and nothing on the back
  17. 15 years on since my previous post on this thread and I'm still going to say raw, for exactly the same reasons.
  18. Could someone offer some advice on this kopek? It seems to have some marked differences from other of it's type. It's a KM but it's curves are quite different, as well as the 3 and the banner. Any insight? Copy? Novodel?
  19. Having been mostly working from home for the last year and a half, I don't make many cash purchases these days. So I was delighted when a vending machine spit out a Washington Crossing the Delaware quarter... and after 20-some years of not having the date on the obverse, seeing 2021 under George's bust looked *weird*...
  20. I don't think it is real. The 100.000 looks out of place for that style. The highest denomination would be 50.000 but not for that year. It looks like Peoples Republic 10 Yuan 1965 P-879a with the 3 Roman Prefix. But it is not right. http://www.banknote.ws/COLLECTION/countries/ASI/CIN/CIN-PR/CIN0879.htm
  21. I have the 1833 medal. It was awarded to a G Lafayette in 1896. It says first class on it. I also have a second medal awarded to the same man in 1898. This medal matches the picture you have here. I'm looking for their value and also how to properly handle them
  22. I know this is a fairly old post but if you are still into the MA Tercentenary items I have a fairly large collection that I would love to sell.
  23. 1965 $100000 shiwan yaun banknote. All i was able to find was information on the smaller bills. I know it was taken out of circulation in 1984.
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