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  2. wouldn't be worth the cost, the value of a slabbed common penny is very low as there are thousands on the market in all grades so the resell value wouldn't recover the cost of grading
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  4. I just found this in a lot of coins I just purchased at an auction. Any idea of what it is or a time period? Thank you!
  5. I found a similar one. Only (problem)is that it is minted in Lugdunum (Lyon). A minting city that i can't find any reference of. Any help appreciated
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  7. Equinoix


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  8. Not quite,but over the years I upgraded many of them several times and still do... Sigi
  9. I think we were all looking at that 1768 10k from Portugal - it would have been one of the nicer examples in existence if it was legit, worth a lot more - but it has the painted patina look, the dies don't look right, the light metal look under the cipher you should SNAD that one if seller doesn't allow a return his other novodels are modern bunk too there's not much of a shortcut to figuring these things out, those of us who can look at something and say it doesn't look right spent decades compulsively checking the catalogs against what's being offered for sale if you st
  10. this object of metal and plastic is outrageous on multiple levels it would deserve a 55 if someone chucked it to the bottom of the ocean, we die off from a zombie pandemic war, the next species digs it up in 1,000,000 years, numismatic science is bounds ahead and it turns out that it actually was an authentic unknown die, and by then gradeflation would have increased that 35 to be a 55 that's really the only way I see this ever being an authentic 55
  11. Wow! Just awesome and I really like these colorful shots, thanks.
  12. Corina


  13. try on your phone. it opened without a problem...
  14. Unrelated to the question of authenticity, but in what universe does this coin deserve an AU55 grade?
  15. I was wondering about that myself. The ghosted letters at the right of the portrait.. cant quite read it.
  16. I like yours, Josh. it is quite nice. Peter's features and everything else are distinct. It has never been cleaned or doctored and sure would have a lot to tell. It might be an overstrike? Sigi . .
  17. I found this today and haven't seen any other reference about this. I am new collector. Need advice please
  18. I win the ugly ruble war! Ian, i will happily trade!
  19. The `WRL' on it is a clear indication that it is a replica.
  20. Mine is much lower grade. Just happy to have an example in my collection
  21. Ugly coins need love too!
  22. I guess beauty is in the eyes of the beholder . To me it looks like someone has dragged it through a hedge....more than once! Still, it is authentic and a collectable example of a scarcer type coin.
  23. My latest acquisition related to this theme. Not many examples of this jeton to be found these days other than those that have been made into a fob or pendant..... or otherwise vandalised. This one is in pretty good shape, dark toned and otherwise problem free....except for the star countermark in the exergue. i have no clue as to the significance of the mark.
  24. This rouble looks Ok
  25. As a general rule can be said that modern fakes are never that worn because they have not seen any circulation. Judging from the pictures the worn coins shown here are genuine. Seeing the edge however would give even more certainty. Sigi
  26. That one looks alright to me. Although, I do not routinely buy roubles. The hole is unfortunate but it has a better overall appearance that mine.
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