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  3. I just bought this 1907 indian head penny ms63 rb repunched date what do y'all think it's worth. Thanks
  4. Ian I hope you can help me. I have a sparrow with the reverse side upside down. In other words the balloon does not go up in the air. The basket is on top. Does this works like an error coin and how much is it then? I thank you for your attention. Ileen Russouw South Africa.
  5. great post truly historic presidential coins are right!? here is a little insider from some big coin collectors i got this from my uncle and his friends hope you guys enjoy it as much as i did http://bitly.ws/aDb8
  6. I'd forgotten this one. There are alternative varieties of this medal, here is mine. It doesn't feature the aberrant "2nd" seen above.
  7. Can anyone tell me about this coin are there many about ?
  8. Looking for information on this medal. Seems to be lead, weighs 90g, 2 1/4 inch across. Thank you
  9. Here's an interesting article on this topic in Russian - http://urk97.narod.ru/club/gazeta2006/gazeta_02_02.htm
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  11. The greatest discovery for Chinese lamination error coin on reverse side surface in brilliant new condition
  12. Please check out on the scans below and let me knows of what you think later there
  13. Hello everyone, maybe you can help me to get some information about this coin. It's from 1586, Av: LVDWIG HORMAN Rv: MORTE AE QVAMVR. and Many different symbols. ~24mm. Material looks like something with silver content. (The Rv.site is the same as on Rechenpfennig from Iohann Fernberger 1530 Oberösterreich) Many thanks if you have some information about this coin (token?) krisztofer
  14. Roughly 4cm diameter
  15. Can anyone identify this coin for me?
  16. COINS FOR SALE AT LINK BELOW https://collectivecoin.com/Colin
  17. Hello, could you please shed some light why a 50 pence coin from 1997 that looks the same to me (a total lay person in this filed) is listed at $6,000 and at $1? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Elizabeth-II-D-G-REG-F-D-1997-50p-Fifty-Pence-Coin-Rare/233668550728 https://www.ebay.com/itm/1997-GB-Queen-Elizabeth-II-50p-Fifty-Pence-Coin/164500835574 Is the first listing merely speculative? I don't see any obvious 'mistakes' in the coin to make it rare or unique, is there another determining factor in that? The second listing is of a rather worn coin but there are many others in better sha
  18. DAJ

    eBAY watch

    Thanks very much. Missed that it is double Rouble. Still posted. World-wide Coins of California catalog received today!
  19. I do not collect american banknotes, but from what I can see there is a small market for uncirculated sequential notes. Keeping in mind the dealer site and auction site price differences, the only advice I can suggest is that you research prices for 2013 $50 small note and look for the lowest price out there. Also mind you that it could take days to maybe years to sell them.
  20. Hi i am not sure weather there is a break in his moustache would this make it rare please help i need the money fast and want to know what would it would be worth???
  21. Agreed. Contours should be sharp. Note: Seller does not accept returns. Keep away. Sigi
  22. The 1722 Peter 2 roubles on eBay looks very fake.
  23. I have 6 brand new 2013 $50 bills in absolutely new condition. Is there a market for this or not? Any advice? Jennifer
  24. I'm new to collecting however I've learned through research, that some bills with certain serial numbers can have quite the value. There are no folds on the bill and it's very crisp (slightly wavy) If anyone out there can give me an idea of what I could expect to get if I sell this, I would be very grateful. Jennifer
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