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  2. Hi, I’m wondering if anyone can identify this coin? My family has spent a numerous amount of time disagreeing what we did think it 😅 thanks liv
  3. Hi, did you ever find out what the token is? I also have one and can't find any information on it.
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  6. These are actually Dutch Antilles. They all have mintages under a million but they aren't too hard to find. with moderns it's hard to tell what they're worth because the price guides don't care and usually grossly underreport the true value. If any are true Uncs I'd hold on to them. The best date is 1962 which should bring at least a few dollars.
  7. starting a collectio. varieties needed ...
  8. Canadian dollars minted in 49/52 some were minted to not go into circulation. How were they distributed ? and in what form. I have a 1951 SWL graded by ICCS in PL66. I bought this coin (ungraded at that time) as MS65. I also have a 49 &50 ICCS ms65 , I see no difference and never see PLs listed in in Annual coin book.....???? Can anyone explain?
  9. I found this looking through my coins wondering if it is a error coin can't find anything about it see how the w is touching the outer rim
  10. Hello guys, I found 2 euro coin and I think there is a mint error on the surface, but I'm not 100 percent sure. I don't collect these type of coins, so I would like to find out the value of this coin - if it has any value at all. More information and photos I will send in private message. Thank You and have a nice day.
  11. who know anything about this Coin ??
  12. Corina


  13. Hello Coinbyur, Thank you for your post. Just a couple of notes. Most Novodels of the Imperial Russian coins should at this point be over 100 years old. There is/was a dishonest tendency to equivocate or extend the term Novodel with privately minted forgeries or souvenir replicas that were and are produced since the late 20th century. The official minting of Novodels by the imperial mints was more or less ended in 1890 due to the lobbying by Grand Duke Georgii Michailovich. Some Novodels were minted later for use in industrial exhibitions and in the 1920s buy the new Soviet government for
  14. I just went & looked at some novodels on ebay. I couldn't believe how high the prices were. In the thousands. That sounds crazy to me. As far as I'm concerned if I'm going to spend 2,3,4 thousand dollars I'm going to buy the original coins struck for commerce... but to each there own. If they are that scarce & their demand is that high then it's the market that is creating that price. Of course these were only asking prices, they may never sell at those prices. This could be some over zealous sellers who are very proud of their coins. There were others for much lower prices. The 1's I
  15. Here is one reason "novodels" were offically produced by some of the Russian mints: Collectors wanted to complete their collections but some coins that were produced for circulation were very scarce, difficult & sometimes next to impossible to obtain, so the mint struck more to satisfiy this collector demand. There are ways to distinguish between novodels & circulation strikes, sometimes it's edge differences. There are other differences as well, all of which I am not aware. While novodels are not as valuable as the original circulation strikes, they can still be scarce & have sign
  16. Hi there, I'm totally newbie here. Whay I'm here? - I'm looking for information about crypto. Why am I looking for it -> At first I would like to get acquainted with this topic and when I have the initial baggage of knowledge I want to try crypto market. The second reason - I am looking for interesting and relevant topics that I write about on my blogs. I think this is the best way to get started and get to know the crypto topic. If you are interested, you can check out and leave comments:
  17. Hello, I am curious to know if my coin is a fake? I recently inherited it from my grandfather who had been given it and other coins, to him by his grandfather. I have looked online to see how I can tell if it’s fake and I’ve not found any useful resources yet. I have to assume that the quality is one give away and from what I’ve seen of the originals, the faded “XX” and the missing or faded surface under the horse? Any help or advice or links would be very much appreciated! Thank you, Kellie
  18. Hi Would someone please confirm if the quarter hammered is a William the Lion? Regards Darren
  19. I'm under the impression that the Mint did not produce 2021-W quarters. Is this correct?
  20. Hello all, This is my first post on a coins forums. We have a few dozen of these 5cent coins ( apparently Dutch ) from the 2nd world war but not sure if they are worth anything . Any input would be appreciated Thank you
  21. I got few rolls of these quarters and found one with round line inside under lettering, so letters are strike on top of it If anyone can assist what kind of error is it, Is this scarce or rare or not rare at all, approximate value? thank you in advance
  22. Does the error of minting ancient coins raise the price of the coin, as is the case with modern coins?
  23. I see here a lot of rare tokens and chips. I a lot of you have done a great job collecting them. I think that such pieces will worth a lot in the future. It's very sad to realize that nowadays casinos are not making such tokens and chips from high-quality materials. Also, a lot of casinos are now closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation. Anyway, I moved my hobby online. I started to play on w88 online casino. I'm pretty lucky on it. I've won a few bucks this week. I like their slots game. Are very interesting designed.
  24. I got few rolls of these quarters and found one with round line inside under lettering, so letters are strike on top of it If anyone can assist what kind of error is it, Is this scarce or rare or not rare at all, approximate value? thank you in advance
  25. Hello. I wondered if someone could help with this. I'm watching it on the eBay and hoping it's the elusive Denver copper penny? Any help would be appreciated. http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/710-5...29508&kwid=902099&mtid=824&kw=lg&toolid=11111 Many thanks in advance, Bernard.
  26. I also visited the two karlgoetz websites many times. I have a couple of questions: 1. Can you say something about the rim-punch? all medals were rim-punched? 2. Are there any re-strike on recoprd? I saw at one dealer a medal says it is later re-cast.
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