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  1. Just thought I'll compile the $2 coins that I pulled from circulation. I forgot to take photos of the 2016 decimal coinage and 2019 invitus games. I'm sure I found a Borobi the other day - probably lying around somewhere. My personal 2 favorite coins are these: Rest of the coins can be seen here. http://gxseries.com/numis/australia/australia_commemorative_2_dollar.htm Feel free to share your pictures!
  2. Been doing some research - this does seem to be a rather uncommon coin. There is an example that shows that this is overstruck https://www.zeno.ru/showphoto.php?photo=18588 But this is overstruck over a much earlier type. https://www.zeno.ru/showphoto.php?photo=234392 I'm guessing that mine is struck on a later type of coin. Pretty challenging!!!
  3. Been way backlogged in cataloging. This is one of the more interesting ones. Xinjiang has been on the news, mostly for negative reasons. Xinjiang seems to be a rather exotic place to me. Coins issued in the early 1900s had inscriptions in both Chinese and Arabic which I wished I could read. Coin of interest is this: Poorly struck but a better image can be seen here: https://www.ngccoin.com/price-guide/world/china-provincial-sinkiang-province-10-cash-y-b36.1-cuid-1047731-duid-1290525 No year on this coin unless it's written in Arabic. I'm suspecting it was issue
  4. 100 dollars is way too generous. It's not genuine. Edge is wrong and the coin is too round given the technology at that time.
  5. That's a bit of a shame. A lot of the old timers rarely post here these days... I'm not any better 😔
  6. I knew I had this particular type in my collection but couldn't remember what year it is. Turns out I bought it about 15 years ago. (time flies...) Think this is 4 feathers?
  7. Why would you want to buy a coin that commemorates how many people died from it? It could easily be your family member that may get affected. Bad taste.
  8. I'm quite intrigued. Did some reading and gave it some thought. Let's leave the origins of the mint aside for the time being. The reference that I used is from Uzdenikov - the book that ViFi has shown. I'm only looking at Elizabeth I from 1755 - from the first overstriking event. Moscow mint has reasonably good mintage from 1755. For some reasons records are missing for 1760 and 1761 St Petersburg mint also shows some interesting data. From 1755 to 1759, gold coins have been regularly produced and all of a sudden, this stopped in 1760 and 1761. This recommenc
  9. Kind of hard to tell from the picture - the embossing seems to be unusually shallow compared to coins struck from that era. It could just be from the photos. It's understandable that since genuine examples are sold for several thousands of dollars, most people are rightfully cautious. The more documentations that you can find, the more it will help to support. I don't think anyone here has ever handled genuine example, much less seen one in person!
  10. Wow. This is probably one of the most exciting discoveries here regardless of authenticity!
  11. Thanks for the feedback ViFi. Im assuming I've got a normal type. Nothing screams too special to me.
  12. Extent4cell, do you have mintage figures from Sestroretsk mint? Just wondered if the dies were transferred from St Petersburg - they aren't too far apart.
  13. Was looking up about the 1859 ruble and found that there are two different varieties - convex and normal coinage. The convex type is apparently scarcer. Looked up on m-dv.ru and found it hard to tell the differences. Maybe it's easier to tell on hand...? Any tips to tell the differences? Thanks!
  14. It's a bit of a strange market at the moment thanks to the virus. The only real positive is that the Australian dollar is possibly record low against the US dollars so export to US might be a great idea since there's a lot of collectors there. When the coins are budget, personally I don't try to aim for maximum dollars. Especially if they are low grade, I just put them in lots and sell them even if it comes to a small loss to me. After all I had a lot of great deals in the past and pass it on to new collectors. No point having too much coins taking up a lot of space. I'm on a missi
  15. This has been an interesting challenge. Haven't completed it yet but it seems somewhat doable. The portrait was to feature Sun Yat Sen who was the first president of the Republic of China. These coins were struck when China was literally falling apart as various provinces were striking their own coinage. A unified coinage was required and this meant huge production was required. The only mint that could fulfill this was from the other end of the world - Austria (!). This can be easily identified by the "A" mintmark. Mintmark "A". 20 fen with mintmark "A" can
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