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  1. Mine is much lower grade. Just happy to have an example in my collection
  2. Send the "novodel" back for your money. They look like modern replicas
  3. Reviving an old thread. Found this tribute struck by a Japanese private mint Struck in 2000, mintage of just 1000. I guess this is the best I could get to the real thing. I still find it intriguing that the Bank of Korea suspects that it was struck in Russia. Who knows - history can be interesting
  4. Looks like it's from Nepal just from the fonts.
  5. Was checking out random vids on youtube and saw this. It reminded me that it would be a perfect fit for Sigi's pyatak!
  6. Thanks Alex for the explanation! That does make more sense. I don't think we will ever come across the truth of why this fascinating series got cancelled. I did spend a bit too much on other coins and this did tip the edge - I shall behave for the rest of the year. I don't think I'll come across anything scarcer any time soon that is within affordable range.
  7. You know I find it fascinating that this coin is supposedly a pattern yet is similar to the 1724 1 kopek. On top of it, the amount of varieties make it more interesting! It looks like my example is heavily circulated which made me wonder if this is a pattern coin or just accidentally released to circulation.
  8. I was googling about 1726 kopek and came across this thread. I was actually looking for the 1724 kopek but am more than happy with this!
  9. This is one of the coins that I have been hunting for years. Prices of many Chinese coins have escalated and even in the last couple of years, they have gone up quite fast! Have to sell off more duplicates in my collection... Now the title "Taiwan" brings a hot political debate of its status - which is NOT the point of discussion. Instead I'll like to show a couple of historical coinage. Taiwan was part of China until it was conceded to the Japanese (Treaty of Shimonoseki) during the late Qing dynasty in 1894-1895 (First Sino-Japanese war). Prior to this, there are some
  10. Wow this goes back a while back! Was scrolling through an auction site and saw this which reminded me of what I had. Found something very similar that shows this, instead a silver pattern https://www.numisbids.com/n.php?p=lot&sid=4151&lot=910 The original 1 ruble coin is struck in nickel copper (high resolution photo available) http://cbr.ru/eng/cash_circulation/memorable_coins/coins_base/ShowCoins/?cat_num=5009-0001http://cbr.ru/eng/cash_circulation/memorable_coins/coins_base/ShowCoins/?cat_num=5009-0001 I
  11. Just thought I'll compile the $2 coins that I pulled from circulation. I forgot to take photos of the 2016 decimal coinage and 2019 invitus games. I'm sure I found a Borobi the other day - probably lying around somewhere. My personal 2 favorite coins are these: Rest of the coins can be seen here. http://gxseries.com/numis/australia/australia_commemorative_2_dollar.htm Feel free to share your pictures!
  12. Been doing some research - this does seem to be a rather uncommon coin. There is an example that shows that this is overstruck https://www.zeno.ru/showphoto.php?photo=18588 But this is overstruck over a much earlier type. https://www.zeno.ru/showphoto.php?photo=234392 I'm guessing that mine is struck on a later type of coin. Pretty challenging!!!
  13. Been way backlogged in cataloging. This is one of the more interesting ones. Xinjiang has been on the news, mostly for negative reasons. Xinjiang seems to be a rather exotic place to me. Coins issued in the early 1900s had inscriptions in both Chinese and Arabic which I wished I could read. Coin of interest is this: Poorly struck but a better image can be seen here: https://www.ngccoin.com/price-guide/world/china-provincial-sinkiang-province-10-cash-y-b36.1-cuid-1047731-duid-1290525 No year on this coin unless it's written in Arabic. I'm suspecting it was issue
  14. 100 dollars is way too generous. It's not genuine. Edge is wrong and the coin is too round given the technology at that time.
  15. That's a bit of a shame. A lot of the old timers rarely post here these days... I'm not any better 😔
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