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  1. As for the Bernardo O'Higgins medal, this is the only page of substance that I have been able to find: http://medallaschile.blogspot.fi/2011/08/bernardo-ohiggins-riquelme.html It is shown as medal #5, but besides the name of the artist, it doesn't offer that much more. I do know it was struck at the Santiago mint as the medal has the "o" over "S" mintmark.
  2. Thanks for this. I guess no strike figures are kept (or publicized) for such items? As for the value, I'm realistic. Anyhow, I paid €28 for the entire lot of about 20 medals. The value of two of the Finn medals alone already 'covered' the cost, so if it is worth only $10 I'm ahead.
  3. BTW: the Chile medal is 2 and 3/4 inches in diameter, whereas the World Fair is 2 1/2 inches in diameter.
  4. I recently purchased a random lot of medals relatively cheaply (majority were Finnish). There were two that were from elsewhere: one from Chile and one from the US? Just curious if anyone would have more detailed info about either of these: year struck, amount made, occasion, what org commisioned, etc. (Of course the latter was for the World Fair.) They are not my area of collecting, but when I can get medals on the cheap, it's a neat distraction from my normal collecting.
  5. Wow, I've missed some big changes! Any chance for a belated honorable mention?
  6. At 180 000 mintage is relatively plentiful for Finland. However, the last 5€ hockey coin was issued at face value and now carries a fair premium. Not sure if the coins got 'lost' in the hands of visitors to the games or what happened to make them a bit more valuable. And of course there are the Euro collectors at large. 100 000 will be sold in 'booklets'.
  7. The Championship tournament is being held in Helsinki and Stockholm (with the semifinal and final to be played in Helsinki) this year, and a 5€ coin is being released both as Unc and Proof. The Unc piece will be issued at face value.
  8. The coin itself was put primarily into its own historical context. Samlerhuset (the company that now owns the mint of Finland) sponsored this tour (of course in cooperation with the Smithsonian) to increase the publicity of coin collecting and such - a subtle marketing. ;-) It seems that Samlerhuset has done similar tours in the past. (see "Exhibitions" under http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samlerhuset)
  9. Or just a great marketing event. I went to see this coin (and some other US gold coins) at the Finnish National Museum today. It's here for only three days before moving on. http://www.doubleeagle.fi/
  10. I can't say what will happen in other countries, but in Finland the last circulating series of coins are in two clear categories: massive mintage figures for the first few years after release - these are of little value and probably will remain so here. The later years had nominal mintage figures and those were already of relative high value even before the switch to the euro. At this point I don't think there will be a considerable increase as the collector market here is relatively small and most new collectors focus on just trying to keep up with the euros. As for the redeemed coins, t
  11. I have extras that I've kept in addition to what's in my collection proper. I also have a couple of mint rolls of the lower denominations so I'm good with samples. I'm just getting rid of the loads of loose circulated stuff of little value.
  12. The last date to convert the last circulating series of markkaa coins and notes is on February 29, 2012. Bank of Finland I plan to bring one haul in before that deadline.
  13. They are actually kind of nice, and since I was able to get them at face value, it gives it an extra plus. I have continued with the Finn €2 commems, but I have not been able to keep up with the general EU-wide €2 coins. I have some here and there, but not near all of them.
  14. Here is the mint's page with the entire list of the coins issued in this series. They were all made available for face value at post offices, but a premium if they were ordered. Provincial coin series
  15. You mean Libby still is among us?!?!?!
  16. Actually it commemorates the 150th anniversary of Finland's own currency unit: the markka. Alexander II signed the edict. As for the numbers, they do seem a bit random. The design is taken from the gold €100 coin commemorating the same theme, which has a more full image. The numbers, while ostensibly random, show different values that have appeared on coins. The artistic liscense used may cause a bit of confusion I admit. Merijärvi may get onto a coin one day, but this one sure ain't it.
  17. Thanks for the reply! If this really is a doubled die, I think I will keep it for the time being and keep on trying my luck on finding another sample.
  18. Hmmm . . . my redbook edition must have some errors then. It doesn't even list a 1949-S, but shows that 1949 (no mintmark) is one of moderate value. I wonder if there are other errors that have made me do the opposite; toss aside coins that actually are of moderate collector value.
  19. Some of you know about this part of my collection. Anyhow, I finally have all of it in my possession now and have been slo-o-o-o-o-wly going through it. It's mostly 20th century stuff. Over the past weekend I went through the washington quarters, and there was a fair amount (200-300) low grade silver coins. According to the redbook, none of them are of particular interest except perhaps 1949 -even then only moderately. My question here is, for a low grade of this year (roughly G-VG), is it of value enough to put aside from the rest of the "junk" grade silver coins that I have loose in a contai
  20. The €2 circulating commemorative coin is scheduled to be released in October with a mintage of 1.6 million. The Mint of Finland does not have it up on their site yet, but here is a link to a Finnish site with an image of the coin: news link. It mentions that this will be the first circulating coin with the Mint's revamped logo.
  21. OK, thanks for the explanation! It's no major problem, I was able to work around it with the tried and true copypaste technique. I was just wondering if I was missing something.
  22. Nearly all of the messages in my inbox are such that I cannot send a reply to the original sender. Is this intentional or is there some option to allow this? I like the new look, though not too familiar with the 'feel' of it yet
  23. I assigned everyone a number and then picked one at random. The chosen number corresponded to Angel. Congrats!
  24. Rather than just tossing these into the trash bin, I'll see if there is any interest in these. Nothing really special, just random coins (+/-20) that I've put aside as junk and now want to get rid of them. If you're interested, post in this thread and I'll pick the win . . . err . . . recipient at random this Sunday.
  25. The design has been chosen. Here is a link to the Mint's site with pictures and details about the coin. Mint of Finland
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