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  1. Canadian coins for all budgets. Auctions ending just about every Sunday around 7-10pm ET. I'll be listing lots of new material over the next few months. Mostly Canadian, but a mix of banknotes, world coins, gold and silver as well. http://stores.ebay.ca/Mattscoin Thanks for looking!
  2. I bought a 1514 yesterday and came here hoping I could still post it, but you guys are too fast
  3. I agree. I first heard the term "Whitman Bingo" to describe this phenomenon a couple years ago. Part of me thinks it preys on the OCD nature of collectors to fill all those blank holes...
  4. Weighing in at a 22.05g at a solid G-4 grade, my new 1936 lowball dollar. It weighed 23.33g when it left the mint, an impressive 5.5% loss of weight. I wonder how long it will take to get down to an honest aG-3? So far the rim is only starting to wear down at 8 o'clock on the obverse.
  5. Lots of early Canadian silver dollars. Some excellent toned coins as well. 99 cent no reserve auctions ending every Sunday evening. Lots of other Buy it Now listings too. Canadian coins, World Coins, British, and more. Link is in the signature. Thanks for looking!
  6. I am going through a similar situation myself, which I was contemplating making a post about. Ebay is a mixed bag. Long story short, if you send an item without tracking and the buyer says it wasn't received, the seller will eat the loss. There are exceptions but they are few and far between. Having a "disclaimer" in your listing is basically useless. I have one in all my non-tracked mail listings, but most buyers know that Paypal/Ebay will fully cover their purchase and they will open a claim and win despite any disclaimer. I may end up removing my disclaimer since it really doesn't h
  7. The date looks kind of funky (bad). I'd be inclined to believe it's not authentic, but I'm not that familiar with old crowns.
  8. Proof coins tend to be graded a bit differently than circulation issues. They have their own set of rules where hairlines (viewed from any or a single angle) are treated like bagmarks.
  9. Looks like a cast copy to me. Can you post a picture of the edge?
  10. The Butterfly glass coin and Grandmother Moon mask are already sold out. Not sure about the Maple Canopy coin.
  11. It's been a while since I've posted any pictures, but I've been busy acquiring pieces still. Here's my always-in-progress British Monarch type set. Filling the holes with nice pieces is quite a challenge! My two most recent additions are the William and Mary Shilling and the Queen Anne Vigo halfcrown. Enjoy. Album link: http://s1055.photobucket.com/user/pokermandude/library/British%20Monarch%20Set?page=1 Some highlights:
  12. Comes with case and all certificates as shown. Mintage was 8,000 for each individual coin, but only 1,336 complete 9-coin sets were issued. Original issue price back in 2010 on the coins was $500 each, $4500 for the complete set. Asking $4000 CDN / $3900 USD shipped for the whole set. Approximately 20% above melt value. Payment by check (must clear first), money order or Paypal+3%. I am located in Canada. Specifications for each coin: Finish: proof (with colour on the reverse) Composition: 58.33% gold, 41.67% silver Weight: 12 grams Diameter: 27 mm Edge: serrated Certifica
  13. 99 cent no reserve auctions ending Sunday March 17th: 2007 $20 Iridescent Swarovski Crystal Snowflake Silver - 1st in series Rarest 2007 $20 Blue Swarovski Crystal Snowflake Silver - 2nd in series - Rarest 2008 $20 Amethyst Swarovski Crystal Snowflake .9999 Silver - 3rd 2008 $20 Sapphire Swarovski Crystal Snowflake .9999 Silver - 4th 2009 $20 Swarovski Blue Crystal Snowflake .9999 Silver 5th in series low mintage 2009 $20 Swarovski Pink Crystal Snowflake .9999 Silver 6th in series low mintage Plus nearly 200 other listings, everything from modern RCM products to Canadian certified
  14. I got a British 10 new pence coin in my change the other day as a quarter I didn't notice until I got home!
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