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  1. I have found this coin (what I assume to be a coin) while metal detecting. Its really unusual and I have no information on it. Its clearly very worn, I have no idea of age, what it might be or if it is indeed a coin. Is there anyone who may be able to shed light on this or knows where I may find out about it? TIA
  2. Anyone know anything about this coin or can tell me anything about it that would be awesome I'm not 100% if it's worth something
  3. I've been going through some old coins that used to belong to my grandfather. Although most of them have been easily identifiable, there is one I have been having trouble with. It is an undated French jeton, and though I've found some information on it, I can't help but feel like I'm missing something about it, as some of the information doesn't make much sense. This is what I know so far: Minted during the time of Louis XV Obverse contains coat of arms of Louis-César Crémeaux (1679-1747), lieutenant general of Mâconnais --> his mother's half-sister, Françoise Louis, Duchess de la Vallière, was a mistress of Louis XIV from 1661-1667 Some specific questions I have: If it's truly a French token, why was it minted with the English spelling? (English spelling is "jetton," while the French spelling is "jeton") On one website I found that was selling the same token, it mentioned Catherine Henriette de Balzac d'Entragues and Henry IV. They, however, were long before the time of Louis-César Crémeaux and seemingly have nothing to do with each other. Might they be distant relations, both having the title of "d'Entragues"? I'd love to know if there really is a connection there. I've included a picture of the token for reference. Any information you might be able to provide, related to my specific questions or not, would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  4. Dear all, I'm writing to you from Germany and hope someone might help me finding which what kind of gold coin I have inherited from my parents. I did intense research on the internet and simply couldn't find anything on this specific coin (not even a picture although found a similar one). Text says-front: "Winston Churchill 1874-1965" showing him with victory sign Back "June 1940... The finest hour" showing Big Ben marking 3 to twelve. Seems to hold 900 gold. Please have a look a the picture. I would very much appreciate any information on the coin. Thank you.
  5. I have been searching all over to identify this coin or at least get a translation of some of its characters. I believe it may also be a token. Any ideas?
  6. the most famous and remarkable gold coins of the Ottoman Empire are those of the km # 638 series. 1HAYRIYE ALTIN these coins were used for commercial transactions as well as for jewelery. at the time of his kingdom MAHMUD II (1828 - 1833) it had given a relative liberty to the subordinate peoples to have in their possession such gold coins. at that time many poor people living in the countryside managed to get these coins by working hard they gathered them not to feel rich but more to endow their daughters. so when the time of the wedding arrived, they pierced these fine gold coins and made a golden necklace and splashed them on the neck of the bride and with these golden coins the new couple made their new house. This is the reason why most of these coins are pierced. many of these coins have disappeared since then and some have been rescued.and have remained very little because after the fall of the Ottoman empire and the creation of the new Turkish state, the Turks banned every transaction with these coins and after he had gleaned as much as he could have melted them. this law has been up to date. But there is something that the collectors of the Ottoman coins maybe not aware of is that among these golden Ottoman coins of that period some of them are really very rare. among those golden coins that left me as an inheritance my grandmother is that in the photo with date of cut 1223/23. The coins of this date are really difficult to find anyone who love these coins and is a fanatical collector of Ottoman coins There are also some variations in decorative flowers in relation to the other coins of this series and I believe that for all these reasons and for the history of these coins, the valuation of their collectible value must be very large. Thanks
  7. 4 years of research on more than 11000 specimens of the most mysterious currency of the 21st century. The currency struck in Finland in 2002 at 70,000,000 copies with the letter (s) on behalf of Greece. This 2 euro coin has managed to divide many collectors and valuers. It is a mystery that small and big mistakes were found between coins from the same matrix and the same mint in our great research we have found up until now 3 coins with the most weird and big errors and we present them take a look the 2 of them... stay connected The investigation continues
  8. Hello! I really need a professional opinion. Here's a coin, found in Crimea. It seems to be of good quality, from a material that looks like gold. But on the web I didn't find any images, like the ones on this one. It says Zeus on one side and Apollo on the other, but I'm not sure about the language. In the word ZEYC the Y letter is a bit ruined. Please, help
  9. Hello- I am wondering if anyone can help. I am looking to get a single coin (or 2) to commemorate a 10 yr anniversary for an employee at our small business. We would like to get an estimate on this in gold or silver. We would like it to have some value. Is this even possible? We would like to possibly get our logo, core values, 10 yrs, etc on it. Anyone have any ideas? When checking online every place I saw had a minimum or of 100 or more coins. That's not what we would like. Your help would be greatly appreciated. ~ Jeniffer
  10. Hi , does anyone have any info or explanation ,as you can see one of my half pennies is brighter then the rest almost gold , I thought it might just be well preserved , but it stands out so much that perhaps it's been pressed with the wrong metal? Any thoughts?
  11. I have a US 1 dollar coin. It is Stamped 1804. I'm just wondering how I find someone to tell me what it's worth if anything?
  12. The main numismatic event for 2018 ! From the 17th to 18th of November, come to BUY and SELL rare coins / banknotes / medals and decorations in a new destination in Europe. The trade show is organized by Geoffrey Winstein, co-founder of the startup Millenium State SA, the first numismatic marketplace specialized and which will be opened soon. The local organizer is Arturas Jurgelevicius, manager of the Lithuanian company. Why Vilnius ? Millenium State has a subsidiary company in Vilnius, and a part of the team is dedicated to this event Vilnius is the former capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and part of history of Poland, with full of treasures to discover This is the big opportunity for all numismatists to assist in preview to the launch of the Millenium State marketplace for the general public forecasted in Autumn 2018. Come to participate to the conferences, to the tutorials, there will be many surprises and mystery guests, all in a good atmosphere ! Vilnius is in the hearth of Europe, only 2H from London, 1H30 from Berlin ! A beautiful city to discover, good restaurants, and good local beers to taste ! The event is organized in : Radisson Blu hotel, 4 stars hotel Konstitucijos pr. 20 LT-09308 Vilnius, Lithuania For the exhibitors : Tables : from only 129€ + VAT for 2 days Professional stands : from only 499€ + VAT for 2 days Preferential price for hotel Radisson Blu. For visitors : Early Bird : only 7€ for 2 days Public price : 10€ for 2 days Free for children and subscribers with Millenium State account For any further information : contact us The team : ms-coin-fair@millenium-state.com https://ms-coin-fair.com/en Follow us and like our page : Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/MSVilniusCoinFair/ Twitter : https://twitter.com/millenium_state?lang=en LinkedIn : https://lu.linkedin.com/company/millenium-state
  13. rflight

    First Coin?

    Witch one would you choose for your first coin? Looking for a rare item rather than just a bullion price. What do you guys think? 1. 100€ Gold coin centenary of the republic of Estonia 1918-2018 100€ Gold Coin 1918-2019 Centenary 2. Gold and Silver coin set Gold and Silver Set 1918-2018
  14. RARE 100th anniversary Centenary of the Republic of Estonia Designer SIGNED GOLD COIN 2018 SIGNED by both designers Tiiu Pirsko and Mati Veermets 2018 makes this coin unique and one of a kind. The gold collector coin for the centenary of the Republic has been designed by Tiiu Pirsko and Mati Veermets. Its design features the Estonian national flower, the cornflower, and the oldest Estonian geometric design, in which the symbols represent perfect happiness, development and balance. This RARE GOLD COIN is of proof-like quality, Au 999, measuring 22mm in diameter and weighing 5.65 grams. The gold collector coin has a nominal value of 100 euros and only 3000 are minted. Coin number 1729 comes with personally signed certificate from both designers Tiiu Pirsko and Mati Veermets.
  15. 2008 Lincoln error letters above date
  16. Hi coins lovers, Just wanted to say hello and tell how glad I am to discover this forum. I am writing this from Lisbon and yes we still have some hot sun 😉 I have been collecting coins for almost 4 years little by little but I love it very much. I remembered someone saying that "coin collecting is the art of spending money without actually losing it "... Or something around those lines 😎 Anyway, I am looking forward to learn from you folks and share as well indeed. Great day to you Stan www.croasus.com
  17. Coinonline.co: The Biggest Coin Market Place in the World Find and follow your coin status in real time Market Place
  18. Hey Coin World! Does anyone know the value of this coin?
  19. Hi, Could anybody tell me how much the £2: 2015 First World War Centenary, sure shield of Britain coin is worth? Thanks
  20. Found this coin with a circular dent around the "D" mintmark (1984 D US Penny). Is it possible that this is an error coin of some kind? Dent is symmetrical in depth and width. Here are some pictures, sorry for the quality. http://imgur.com/iBjoU2U http://imgur.com/bKaHks7
  21. Hello, I found this coin in my basement and I don't know what it is or what it's worth. Here is a link because the files were "too big to upload": http://imgur.com/a/zfd81 On the one side you can see an eagle and at the bottom it says "75u". On the other side you can see the two brothers with their names and the date "1963-1968". It looks like some coins that I saw on the internet but not a single one is actually the same. I tested it and i came to know that it was made of gold. The coin is 0.86 inch/ 2.2 cm in diameter, 0.04 inch/ 1 mm thick and it wheighs about 0.2 oz/ 5.7 gr. I would really like to know what kind of coin it actually is and what it's worth. Thanks in advance
  22. Hello anyone know what is that? Arabic maybe?
  23. I have published a short book that details in depth how to design and manufacture your own coins! First post, I know and I'm selling something- truth is I've only lurked this forum in the past but I thought that the frequenters may be interested in the book I recently completed on the subject of designing and manufacturing your own coins I'm really excited to present this as the target market that inspired the book are partly based in these forums. I have tried to make it as straightforward as possible without being condescending and I really believe that the information contained will help anyone starting out (or maybe those already started) with the lengthy and sometimes isolated process of making their own awesome coins. A little more detail: In the past on other forums at at social meet-ups I have had questions asking about how my coins were made and the techniques used. So in response I have written extensively on every part of my work process and standardised it into chapters that quickly bring all the relevant information and skills together and show how anyone can create fun and interesting coins themselves! I hope that you enjoy the book (and making coins) as much as I enjoyed writing and using the techniques contained in the eBook! <<<snip>>> Comments and questions welcome (especially on the eBook page itself), I will try and get back as soon as possible. The book is also part of Kindle Unlimited- so if you have that it won't cost you anything I'm sure that you are probably unfamiliar with my small scale projects, so here are some links to them Goxxed Coins Unobtanium Bar Silver Wallet
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