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  1. The autumn bliss coin is one of my favourite this year. Edited and put a better close up picture of it
  2. Autumn Bliss Front of the box Right side Left Side
  3. Superman Hologram coin Wasn't plan on buying it but when I saw it, I liked it enough to buy it.
  4. here's my First Chinese coin It's Beidou Navigation Satellite Silver coin
  5. lostwords


    You can find some good bargain if you do proper research. The important part is do your research.
  6. Hi, Just saw an ad in local kijiji for this and couldn't find anything about it other than this ebay ad.. http://www.ebay.com/itm/STERLING-SILVER-MONITIN-FRAMED-JERUSALEM-CITY-FIGURINE-FRAMED-GLASS-/281080390560 Just curois if any of you know anything about this?
  7. Just got the RCM Royal baby set. A lot of people complain that the coins does not have the prince's name or date of birth. As such, the mint put a sticker on the box to signify this is for prince George. I personally like this baby set for what they are, baby set. It is unique and I think it is better without the prince's name as you can give it as a gift to others collector that expecting a baby this year.
  8. good question. I tried to find that out but I think it is just paint
  9. Me too but I find the fall coin is a lot less spectacular as the Spring coin (you can see it in my 1st or 2nd post in this thread). There are lots of expectation for the fall coin but with only 2 leafs, it is a bit disappointing
  10. New RCM stuffs that I've pick up.. 2014 lunar horse 2013 Fall Canopy
  11. Just got the new 2013 Britannia 1 oz Proof coin from the Royal mint.
  12. Just got this... really like this coin 2013 Canadian Bank of Commerce Bank Note Design 23.7g of 99.99% silver.
  13. Just got these: 25-Cent Coloured Glow-in-the-Dark Coin - Tylosaurus Pembinensis Disclaimer: These pictures are not mine but since I can't take better picture than these, I decided to share these.
  14. Yes it is copper. it is 2009 King Edward VIII Monarch Series High Relief Antique Finish
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