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  1. Hello all. Long time, no post. I wanted to post this to share and get some thoughts from others. A Coworker friend of mine brought up that she had this and I was very interested to see it. It is in great shape. She is not looking to sell it but is interested in a ballpark figure of what it might be worth. She used to work at a bank and came across this, she bought it for $1. US $1 1981 Series In the image below, the serial number is in the correct place, the "bank seal"? and the two #2s on the note were printed about 1/2 inch lower then they should have been. In the full note shot you wil
  2. I can answer for the beautiful SugarCheryl. She is not a coin collector, she is my Girlfriend. She frequented the forum around the same times I did. She got to know some of the people and made some friends. I shifted concentration from coins to working (Getting rid of debt and building wealth) and that was it. Neither of us "frequent" much anymore. She is safe and well. We are currently buying a house. Keep an eye on the community forum, I will try to give regular updates. It sure is cool to know we have friends all over the world that may still think of us every once in a while. H
  3. Update? Is Libby OK? -Bobby
  4. I'm still around I just don't post much. Want to stay on the list and can't wait to host Libby! -Bobby
  5. I have GW D's straight from a bank roll. I believe I stashed 5 of each side lettering (up and down if you will). Would love to trade straight across for GW (or other) Ps Will send you both a PM -Bobby
  6. The fall of Retro is logged here: http://www.coinpeople.com/index.php?showtopic=16187 -Bobby
  7. Check your time zone... Go to "My Controls" then click on "Board Settings" in the bottom left. That might be it -Bobby
  8. by a cent! Blast! Congrats Art -Bobby
  9. 99.5 cents (rounded to the nearest dollar) -Bobby
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