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  1. Sure thing, let's see some Morgans.
  2. Virginia (Of course... It's where I'm from) California Pennsylvania
  3. Indeed. Preferrably Morgans or Liberty Nickels.
  4. Wow, that is a beautiful coin. I'd give it an MS-60, nice luster and few contact marks, but I'm no expert.
  5. My grandpa sent me a 2005 silver proof set and I got it today.
  6. Went to the bank today and I filled out a slip to withdraw $40. I asked if I could have it in halves and the lady said that they don't have any except for the $2.50 in her little tray. So I was kind of mad, and then she asks me why I need halves. A bunch of smart remarks went through my head, but i just said they were for my mom . Are they even allowed to ask what you need stuff for at banks? Isn't it kind of like invasion of privacy?
  7. Crisp series 2003 $1 with serial number G00004875A. Thought it was kind of cool, so I kept it.
  8. Maybe they don't know anything that well???
  9. I know what you're talking about. One that I saw was with state quarters and just about every other sentence contained "GEM BRILLIANT UNCIRCULATED". Another one I saw recently was with the 1994 matte proof Jefferson. It was in a "special" PCGS holder. The guy also had for sale a full set of Silver Eagles up to date, and he was talking about how great of a deal it was and how hard it is to get them in MS-69. Whatever...
  10. Post a list of the dates, or even pics. You may have a real key date!
  11. After searching through eight rolls of nickels, I filled about ten holes and upgraded a few also.
  12. Yea, it's more like a lifetime project, because some of those gold coins are a little pricey...
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