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    I've got my focus together for 2012. Here's my plan.
    - Roosevelt Dimes Proof & Circulation Strikes
    - Jefferson Nickels Proof & Cirulation Strikes
    - both raw and certified

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  1. Interesting project. It took quite a lot of organization.
  2. This Lincoln is part of my 1990 Mint Set
  3. I have 3 or 4 Roosevelts picked out for my December collection addition. After that I get into the more expensive proofs. When the proofs are completed I'll start working on the MS Roosevelt Sets. My plan for 2012 is to alternate months. One month Roosevelts the next Jeffersons, back to Roosevelts and so on.
  4. Here are the other Roosevelts I added for November
  5. gx, This is very nicely done. Are these actual pages or virtual pages that you are inserting the images into?
  6. Just added some Roosevelts to my Registry Sets. They're on omnicoin. Take a look. (I'll post the other pics tomorrow when I have a bit more time.)
  7. I thought of that possibility. That's one of the reasons that I have the new id already. Art2 but the screen name will be set to Art1.2
  8. Enjoy the move and your new home. The PCGS rattler's tended to be more conservative than they are today but there were always some questionable calls. The coins look nice in the photos. I especially like the design on the Canadian dollar.
  9. Neat medal. The die break is interesting as well. I wonder if it was an accidental break or an attempt to cancel the die.
  10. Nice coins Mark. Where are you moving to?
  11. Only Anton can update the screen name for the id. I've sent him a message now that the poll is closed.
  12. Art1.2 wins by one vote. I'm going to get the appropriate userid/screen name set to go as today will probably be the last posting day for "Art". 56789 is coming quickly.
  13. Beautiful note. 100,000 Lire -- WOW! That was probably a goodly sum when the note was issued.
  14. Hi Tiger and welcome to CoinPeople.
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