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  1. Hmm, I may need one of them for my Canadjun collection. The last I got was the QEII commemorative $20 a couple of years ago.
  2. Not so much a "joy" persay, but for the last couple of years have been paring stuff off to auction houses and private collectors. Haven't lost interest in collecting, more like am too busy with work, family and just don't have too much time to spend looking at coins anymore. I am thinking of keeping only the best of the best, like a box of a 100 or so and releasing the rest of the geese back into the wild.
  3. I collect mainly pre-1970 with an emphasis on British Linen and the banks that are no longer issuing notes like National, Commercial, Caledonian, Union etc. I don't do much with Royal Bank, Bank of Scotland or Clydesdale anymore.
  4. A couple of more machine rolled cents, and even rolled British penny from a couple of different coin machines today. Todays finds were from Myrtle Beach SC and Edinburgh Scotland, lastly the Rainforest Cafe in Orlando FL.
  5. Aren't those 10 won coins copper plated steel - and very similar in dimension to a cent? I have a few I think.
  6. In France and in Italy post WWI the currencies were devalued and silver francs and lire disappeared from circulation. In response both countries minted what they hoped would be token issues and that the original value would be restored. In reality the buon pour and bouno da tokens ended up being effectively used as coins as silver was not restored to the lower denominations. So they were hoped to be used as temporary tokens but ended up being used as coins.
  7. There are people maybe in Russia still making these coins, fakes of the Konstantin ruble etc. I purchased some in Ukraine for very little money as educational pieces. I was surprised when I purchased them, seller could detect I was a foreigner from my accented Russian - and told me they are not real coins! Other times in Russia when I knew coins were obvious fakes the seller would insist they were real.
  8. Many people I have known in numismatic business hate it, hobbies and careers really shouldn't cross paths.
  9. It is from Austria-Hungary, dated 1888. By 1892 the Austro-Hungarian empire revalued their currency into korona and these notes continued to circulate as 2 korone notes. The value on the note is nominal as they continued to circulate to the end of Austria-Hungary in 1918 when they lost all of their value due to inflation.
  10. The most common coins I find in roll searches after Canadian are British - even 1p coins in cent rolls - the 1p is about 1mm larger than the cent so usually they are squeezed into wrappers. The 5p is a pretty common find and I find them weekly. Less often, but enough to add up, I find the heptagonal 20p in nickel rolls. I did once find a Gibraltar 1p coin, but usually coins from the possessions of the British Empire are rather scarce in circulation.
  11. Not in the reject slot, but actually I peaked under the machine at the grocery store and spied a dirty dime - when it was scooped out turned out to a 1959 Roosie! I love silver.
  12. I have some coins stored in really old pine boxes - even really small pine boxes but they are all just toned lincolns etc that I don't worry about.
  13. This morning at the grocery store, 2 rolled cents from Florida locations 2 slightly bent dimes 1 house key.
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