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  1. this last one is dated 1795 and weighs in at 47.7 grams.
  2. next is dated 1792 and weighs in at 52 grams
  3. this one is dated 1791 and weighs 50.5 grams
  4. The next is dated 1790 and weighs 49.9 grams
  5. Here's five different dated copper 5 kopek pieces from Anninsk mint The first is dated 1789 and weighs 48.9 grams.
  6. They do look odd in comparison to normal circulation strikes. Fortunatley, they didn't cost me that much in the first place (probably cost more to send them back) so worth the `punt' .....they will do until something `real' comes along . However, it's not often that you find die cracks on modern replica's though. The 2 kopeks has prominent examples on both obv and rev. Never seen this on large copper items before now
  7. Here's a silver jeton dated 1689 which was minted for Chartres. Not the best of grades but still very collectable, and the first one i've actually seen for over 10 years. The jeton was also struck in copper...both the silver and copper pieces are rarely seen on the market.
  8. Here's an ordinary 5 Kopeks dated 1778 (reeded edge) which weighs in at 26 grams
  9. ...and here's a 5 kopek `novodel' (weighs in ar 21.6 grams). Plain edge
  10. OK here's the 2 kopek `novodel'
  11. Hi. Thanks for that. I won't be able to post pics until tomorrow at the earliest. The only date i was aware of for a Siberian 2 kopek novodel is 1764., but this one looks very real, and my knowledge of Russian coins (like my ability to speak Russian) is at best `sketchy' Will post pics of this one, a 5 kopek circulation coin, a 5 kopek novodel, a 10 kopec circulation coin and (possibly) a 10 kopek novodel in the next couple of days. I will also dig out some very high grade 5 kopek coins from Aninsk mint that I have in my collection and post here. cheers Ian
  12. When the obverse and reverse are `upside down' to each other it is referred to as `coin rotation'. Most coins in the world (I believe) are usually `coin rotation'. When the obverse and the reverse are the same way round then it is usually referred to as being `medal rotation'. I can't remember if my example of this piece is coin or medal rotation. I'd have to dig it out to advise, but i suspect it would be `coin rotation' and as such there would be nothing unusual about your one. Indeed unless the obverse and the reverse were at very unusual rotations to each other there would be li
  13. Hi, Just purchased a few siberian copper coins some of which have just arrived, but more to follow. Will post images when they are all in my possession. One of them is a 2 kopek coin dated 1767 in relatively high grade..so good that i'm a wee bit suspicious.I have no knowledge of `novodels' and there doesn't appear to be any for this date. However I'm pretty sure its from the right period concerned....but then again, who knows? I don't think circulation coins had edge lettering....The edge on this one is however lettered (large) and there's some cross `+' shapes between the word
  14. Hi, The legends actually read (obv): LUDOVICUS XIII FRANCORUM ET NAVARAE REX (Louis XIII King of France and Navarre) (rev): TE STANTE LILIA FLORENT (literally `when you take a stand, lillies bloom') The jeton was issued for the french Chancellory under the reign of Louis XIII. Reverse has Justice standing holding a sword in one hand and a chest in the other. reference: Feuardent 12120 value? condition is not so good i'm afraid so i'd say anything from $5 -$15 ...maybe more on a good day on ebay.
  15. they used to appear fairly frequently on ebay.fr, some of them in very high grade......but not so frequently now in present time.
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