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  1. Hello Ian These Siberian 2 kopeks exist as novodel as well. Weight looks to be correct. The inscription on the edge says: "coper Kolyvanskaya" meaning coins are made from copper mined from the Kolyvan mines (in Siberia). To be able to say more need to see the photos.
  2. Fake coins donùt have to be made from original patterns, that is why they are fake coins.
  3. Hi! I only can say that this is one more proof that NGC has no real experts in Russian coins. I have seen quite a number of slabbed Russian coins in NGC holders which even visually didn´t look as genuine coins. At the same time NGC refuses to slab coins proved to be genuine with many passes on the auctions. So this slab is not a proof that the coins is genuine. My opinion this is a fake. Or old fake.
  4. Hi, this is 2 Roubles Novodel of Peter I coin, Bitkin 3742 (R2). This type of coins is rare and only exist as Novodel, never have been in circulation, only as trial . But it looks very strange for me that this coin is in so bad condition for a coin, which never have been in circulation? Although it looks similar to genuine I have serieus doubts about this. You may have a look here on examples of this coin https://www.m-dv.ru/catalog/id,4809/prohod.html
  5. You are professional in this type of coins of course! I just ordered you book to get some more knowledge.
  6. This is coverpage of the Uzdenikov´s handbook.
  7. Hello If you take the handbook of Uzdenikov and look at 2 kopecks of Elizabeth period you can see that for SPB mint there are no letters on the coin.
  8. I think it´s very hard to say this not having those 2 different types in your hands. Or you should at least must see a lot of them in the past to be able to see the difference between convex and normal coinage. There are few other such coins with hard to see differences.
  9. A-ha, and now you want to sell it, right?
  10. Hi I use Catawiki.com auction. Site has easy to use interface and auctions are at least every week. So quick and easy to sell.
  11. I do not think those were yefimki. Novodels were stamped on new blanks
  12. Even called Novodels, those coins were made most probably in Ekatherina II period. So wear is normal for them. Novodels were prohibited to make in 1890. At that time most of the original stamps were destroyed.
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