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  1. Hi Rod, Wow, I had no idea this was in the works. I just ordered my copy of the catalog. I also hope this increases the popularity of collecting these medals and allows more people to see the beauty and artwork involved in the making of these shooting medals.
  2. Hi all, I believe these reference books are for German shooting medals, but does anyone know where I might be able to locate copies of these books: Steulmann, Gert: Die Schützenmedaillen und Abzeichen der deutschen und österreichischen Bundesschießen von 1861-1934 und 1880-1908. Slg. Peltzer, R.F.: I. Freimaurermedaillen und -zeichen. II. Schießmünzen und Schützenmedaillen, Jagdmünzen und -medaillen. III. Verkehr. Thanking you in advance, Stay safe and healthy everyone, Matt
  3. R-1227a 1955 St. Gallen, 50mm, CU gilt 170 examples PCGS SP66 R-1207a 1931 Gommiswald, 50x71mm, AE silvered PCGS SP62 R-1999b c. 1931 Central Switzerland, 84x62mm, AE silvered PCGS SP65
  4. R-934 1957 Luzern, 45 mm, AE PCGS SP65 R-933 1957 Luzern, 45mm, AR gilt PCGS SP64 R-1746b 1891 Zurich, 45mm, CU PCGS SP65
  5. Thank you for sharing these Rod. That 1890 Frauenfeld gold medal is spectacular. That must be a one of a kind piece. I really like the 1862 Lugano medal as well.
  6. Yes, very happy to get the 1914 Luzern, especially in that condition. I assume it's true for you as well, but it's very, very rare (and lucky) when I am able to find anything in such nice condition. I also really like most Ticino pieces. I think Ticino has some of the most beautiful shooting medals, but so hard to come by. I'd love it if you could share anything you have. Especially if it is some of the older medals, which I never get to see except in Richter's book.
  7. R-1410a 1899 Biasca, 40mm, AR PCGS SP64 R-320a 1929 Biel, 50mm, AE PCGS SP63 R-1890Aa 1947 Uster, 40mm, AE silvered PCGS SP65
  8. R-1023b 1861 Stans, 41mm, AE PCGS SP64 R-901a 1925 Weggis, 30mm, AE silvered PCGS SP64
  9. Wanted to share some of the medals I just got back from PCGS: R-889a 1914 Luzern, 30mm, AR PCGS SP67
  10. R-1917Aa 1955 Horgen, 50mm, AR gilt PCGS SP66 R-1244b No Date Zurich, 50mm, AR PCGS MS65
  11. R-765c 1929 Carouge, 40mm, BR PCGS SP66 R-1522a No Date Ticino, 40mm, AR PCGS SP66
  12. They change, but here is my current favorite medal. I love the image of this soldier at the ready with his hand on the hilt of his sword. I think some of these medals are small works of art. R-1016 No Date Le Locle, 41mm, BR PCGS SP65
  13. Here is my 1836 Davos. Unlike Rod, I only have this one, but I think it's a beauty. PCGS SP65.
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