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  1. Many folks that I know hate the Presidential Dollars series. Given that Congress will continue with the series based upon the false presumption that someone wants them, I find many of the coins attractive and interesting to have. For example, Abraham Lincoln. He's a hero of mine. Sure he's on the Lincoln Cent and the Illinois Commemorative and the $5 bill and... the list is long and a good subject for another thread. Here's the Lincoln Presidential Dollar from my collection. I like it.
  2. Frank has been tagged and is now offically it.

  3. Art

    Hope she gets over the cough quickly. Anything in a baby causes worry.

  4. Art

    How's the baby doing?

  5. Art

    Jessica is a nice name. Abish not so common.

  6. Art

    Thank you. Actually your little one is quite splendid. Like her name too.

  7. Art

    T'is a pelican.

  8. Really miss you buddy.

  9. Free coin offer is cancelled. No takers.

  10. Still no takers on my free coin thing here. I'm going to post a few free coin offers in threads around the site and see what happens.

  11. Here's the deal. Be the next person to leave a comment in my profile and I'll send you a nice coin (cheap but nice).

  12. Who the heckfoo left that comment in my profile? Vile! Truly vile!

  13. Looks like someone beat you to the cookies. I do have a few sandwiches and a couple of ice cold beers left.

  14. Large plate of Italian cookies here.

  15. Is it possible that Clive is trying to deceive me with the free Oreo offer? I couldn't find it.

  16. I can't find the free Oreos. Help!

  17. Made you look....

  18. Thanks. It was getting out of hand.

  19. Nice introduction in your profile. I think the NGC Registry sets are fun.

  20. gazuntike!! All that sneezing. Must be allergry season.

  21. I never ever discuss anything to do with dribbling. :shock:

  22. You've started a trend.

  23. Unfortunately all the wallpaper was eaten by some giant bugs that came out of the plants I had arranged in my profile area.

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