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  1. Hello and welcome to CoinPeople. I do not know anything about that but would suggest that if someone does not come along with the answer you could send your question to the good folks at MPC Gram. They have many people there who specialize in all types of Military Issued Currencies. I'll look up their email address and add it to this post when I find it.
  2. An update: Just ordered a 97-S Silver PR69DCAM, it was $19.00 plus shipping. The PR70DCAM was $465.00 plus shipping.
  3. Back on 26August2010 my PCGS Roosevelt Dimes Proof Set was ranked 42 and I have 41 or the 80 coins needed. Today it's ranked 44th and I have 54 of the 80 coins needed. In January they'll add the requirement for the 2012 coins so I'll have 54 of 82 at that time.
  4. Another Civil War Hero President
  5. It is having an effect here as well. Not so much now that silver has fallen a bit. I can still remember the devastating effect on common silver of the big Hunt run up back in 80 or so. WOW! Prices jumped. Supplies dried up. Return to pre-Hunt days never happened.
  6. Yes. PCGS offers that special labelling for the Presidential dollars each year. My whole set is in those holders - so far.
  7. Here's another dollar for a favorite of mine - Thomas Jefferson.
  8. Many folks that I know hate the Presidential Dollars series. Given that Congress will continue with the series based upon the false presumption that someone wants them, I find many of the coins attractive and interesting to have. For example, Abraham Lincoln. He's a hero of mine. Sure he's on the Lincoln Cent and the Illinois Commemorative and the $5 bill and... the list is long and a good subject for another thread. Here's the Lincoln Presidential Dollar from my collection. I like it.
  9. That only exists for coin series that began after the start of Registry Sets. If you look at Washington Quarters or Jeffersons or Roosevelts and anything earlier -- no such problem. Proof Set Registry Sets have the same kind of problem but I think most folks who go after or bother to enter those sets do it just for recording and fun purposes. For example I have a 1990 Proof Set Registered. It's a birth year set I've been putting together for Rocky. I keep it on the registry because it makes tracking it easy and it's fun to watch it come together that way.
  10. I think a lot of that is driven by the set registry process. Some folks get fairly competitive about having a top ranked set. Only way to do that is go for perfection. Sets of PR69DCAM modern coins are fairly common. For example, this set is 100% complete and 100% PR69DCAM. It's not a hard set to complete, just purchase the new coins every year. Not a biggie. Easy to find and fairly reasonable in price. But the set is ranked 136th. at NGC. On PCGS there are 47 sets with perfect scores. I don't know how many on NGC. Just checked NGC there are 78 perfect sets on that site
  11. Here's a 2011 MS69 Early Release - I think it's from a Mint Set ~$500. MS69 Roosevelt
  12. This is from an ebay seller. I think he is probably correct, although I've never really researched it. MS70 Roosevelt Dime
  13. Very very rare. Before the switch to satin finish in the Mint Sets they were the source of many higher grade circulation strikes. BUT some collectors hold that satin is a distinctly different coin, just as proof vs. circulation. I haven't checked the pop reports but I doubt there are any recent circulation Roosevelts in MS70 condition. In fact I doubt there are many in MS69.
  14. Nice slab Alan. For folks who want to collect a Slab Type Set -- what a task -- this type of thing is a necessity. I do not have one of these but someday perhaps.
  15. There's a fellow here in town who buys a large number of proof and mint sets each year and submits them, unopened, to NGC for certification. According to him, he makes a nice profit by doing this just because he hits on the PF70 and high mint state coins. Not sure if this is "book" profit or if he's actually selling them and making money. It costs quite a bit to sell a large number of slabbed coins and lots do ok but from what I've seen the lot prices produce fairly low dollars per coin, especially for PR69DCAM common type stuff.
  16. Same as the dimes. Most modern years of PF69DCAMs cost less than just having the coin certified. I believe I paid about $11 dollars for that one.
  17. Thats proof coins. MS coins in 69 or 70 can be much much higher priced, especially those not from mint sets and all 70s.
  18. Common or current year - non silver PF69DCAM runs around 11-13 dollars. A few as high as 18 dollars. Same coin but PF70DCAM will run around $100-140 dollars. Silver figure about 25% more.
  19. Added this to omnicoin this morning.
  20. Nice notes. I favor the Italian note myself.
  21. I have several "un-centered" US notes in my collection. I don't think much about them either way. They're just another part of the production process.
  22. Yes. If you're willing to go with PR69DCAM you can get the slabbed coin for less than the slabbing fee alone would be. Of course, if you submit your own and get a PR70DCAM that's a totally different story.
  23. I just added this to Omnicoin......
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