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  1. So. I have put the tie entries up for a vote. Duplicate (well not really duplicate) prizes will be awarded. Send your mailing info and I'll get them off in the mail sometime soom. That's Doc and Dave. (I'll check as I should actuallly have both addresses already. --- Ah! Heckfoo send them anyway. ) Thank you all for your entries and a special thanks to our winners.
  2. Simple. The most votes by midnight on Tuesday November 29th. wins.
  3. Only 125 posts to go and Art, as a posting id that is, will be retired. Now to this contest. I have not been able to decide on a winner yet. I'm leaning toward: Count da'Monie (Dave's entry) or Art1.2 (Dockwalliper's entry) I think I'll post a poll and let you all decide.
  4. I'd like to get a few of the sets that Clive is offering -- hopefully the prices won't get too outrageous.
  5. Very nice find. I understand there were six or seven dates used in that series of samples. Do you happen to have a list?
  6. Hello, Glad you stopped by and signed up with CoinPeople. I've done business with Collectors Corner before and found them to be easy to deal with and very reliable. They have the Gardmaster Canadian Albums. I have these albums for my Canadian Nickels and Cents and like them very much. Gardmaster Canadian Albums Here's the link to their Gardmaster page. I've tried the other Canadian albums they have - the EZ or some such thing. They're not bad but I've replaced all of mine with Gardmasters and given the others away.
  7. Good find. I haven't found a wheatie in change in a long long time.
  8. Can you believe that I've been outbid on every single item. I must now wait until the final few seconds to launch my super sniper attacks.
  9. It's good for your health and a true bonus to Numismatics as a whole.
  10. Very interesting story. Best of luck with your coin.
  11. Nice Lincolns Mark. One of the great things about Lincolns is the variety of conditions you can find them in and the huge number of people who collect and hoard them.
  12. Here's another fine looking Lincoln. I have a 1946 Mint Set working and these coins are from that set.
  13. Great coin. I hope that you enjoy it.
  14. Hello and welcome to CoinPeople. Both PCGS and NGC have collector clubs that you can join. They are a bit pricey BUT you get some free certifications depending on the type of membership you pick, so it becomes well worth the cost very quickly. Also both services allow members to submit directly to them, that keeps your costs down because you don't have to pay a dealer any processing fees. Submission is pretty simple and both have online tracking so you can find you easily what's going on with your coins. If you do join and get say 5 free certifications, I'd pick the 5 top coins in the collection based upon what you can determine. Good luck with it and above all I hope you and the boys have a great time with coin collecting.
  15. That can be quite a challenge. I'm still very unhappy with my coin photographs but I'll keep working on it.
  16. I'm more prone to spend Washington but only when absolutely forced to do so.
  17. Great medals. This is certainly a beautiful area to collect. Thanks for sharing them with us.
  18. Another omnicoin addition. Driving that omnicoin contest a bit.
  19. Here's a Lincoln that I have in my 1946 Mint Set
  20. We've got threads for posting Roosevelt Dimes, Jefferson Nickels, Presidential Dollars and now what is probably the single most collected of all "modern" coins, the Lincoln Cent.
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