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  1. Dave - Nice $50. it has two big and two small signatures.
  2. Thanks William. This set was kept in Singapore for a long time. No foxing. All in perfect condition. Interestingly, Canadian collectors were wondering where are all the $100 solids. Only 4 pieces surface in the public including mine. According to a Canadian collector, there should be 19 pieces of $100 solids. Nobody know how many exist in collectors' hands or how many survive the circulation. An earlier $100 piece also came from Singapore and was put up in an auction.
  3. S.A. Nice notes especially the Canadian one.
  4. Current catalog price are all above $1k CDN. Only 4 pieces ( including 5555555 ) of $100 solid ( 1s, 2s, 5s and 7s ) appeared in the public. Market price for $100 can go up to 10K CDN or more
  5. Thanks Saor Alba, Dave. This set has missing denomination - $1000 ( can forgot about it coz it will be an impossible task to find one with a solid ), $10 ( There is still hope), $50 ( Must be very patient ). I was first attracted to this set by the $100 solid. According to the Canadian forum, there seems to be only 3 or 4 solids known $100 denomination. I wonder how true is that. Moreover, the Canadian Charlton catalog do not list down the market price of the $100. That was what I was told.. Anyone here have the latest Canadian Charlton catalog to check on the 1954 $100 pricing and if possible check on the rest of the denomination as well ? Thanks.
  6. Pure luck to find this set in excellent gems condition.
  7. Rare Canada 1954 Solid 5555555 Set
  8. Singapore Bird Series 1976 First Prefix Jackpot A/1 777777
  9. Here is another two more altered serial numbers China banknotes purchased from the same South Korean ebay seller. The Hong Kong buyer is also waiting for paypal refund.
  10. The note is genuine. The serial number has been altered.
  11. After 4 years of getting conned for China solid number banknote, I landed myself on such notes again. This time, it is from an ebay South Korean seller. Currently wait for paypal to refund me the money. The verdict is China solid numbers banknotes should never be purchased from ebay. The seller had a batch of these altered serial number China 50 yuan for sales. It seems it comes from a full set of solids which were individually auctioned. Solid numbers from 12345678, 11111111, 22222222, 33333333, 44444444, 5555555, 77777777, 88888888, 99999999. With such tactics, this seems to fool potential buyers, giving the impression that it comes in a set which the seller sincerely want to sell them away. The seller is of good standing in ebay.
  12. 2 digits repeater sets 303030 and 747474 plus a collection of 2 digits repeaters. All retrieved from circulation. <BR><BR> <BR><BR> <BR><BR>
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