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    I really like coins from the medieval period right through to early Victorian.

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  1. Cheers Clive! You never fail when it comes to Anglo Saxon! You say you like the coins of Anne? You aren't becoming a milled convert are you?
  2. That is probably a wise move however curiosity and my liking for the design of these coins has got the better of me! I would mind a couple of US coins though, quite like the Morgans and some of the old cents.
  3. Here is one I missed from the last post... Charles II Penny Now for the rest..... Firstly a couple of nice Victorian Florins, I have been after one of the gothic florins for ages and have finally managed to get one for a reasonable price. Victoria 1884 Gothic Florin Victoria 1887 Florin Here are a couple of early milled shillings, beautiful coins! George II 1758 Shilling William III 1697 Shilling And a couple of Hammered Shillings... James I Shilling 1604/05 Elizabeth I Shilling And now one or two older coins, medieval and
  4. Hello again, After a couple of days off work I have finally got round to photographing a large proportion of my recent purchases. So although the lighting for the photos wasn't great here are some of the photos. I have been collecting a few pieces of small denomination silver recently so il start with them. These coins are tiny, especially the pennies and it amazes me how much detail is packed into the coins. Firstly 3 small silver pennies of George III, it's interesting to see how the penny design changed during George's reign. George III 1820 Penny George III 180
  5. Hello, I have recently been coming across a few ancient coins on ebay and on other numismatic websites. I would love to start collecting these coins but I have zero knowledge in this area as I am, so far, just a British coin collector. I could do with someone to take me under their wing and be my guide to ancient coins but in the absence of that I was hoping someone could help me out with some advice and also answer the following questions..... Where on the internet can you buy ancients at reasonable prices? Any websites or good ebay sellers? How do you spot a fake? Which bo
  6. Nice coins, I like the Edward VI shilling, its a nice unclipped coin with some good details and those Victorian halfcrowns are one of my favorites!
  7. Hello! Thanks for the comments, ive got a fair few more that I need to photograph and put up. Also when I do that il take a couple more of the shortcross penny to see if you can decipher it, I can't remember a time when you havn't managed to figure it out. Anyway as I say there will be more to come shortly including a couple of nice ones.
  8. 3 more coins to show you all, a random selection.... Firstly an 1805 George III Irish halfpenny, its not something that I would normally go for but for a couple of quid I couldn't say no. Secondly a Henry VIII halfgroat, one of the later coinage hence the poor quality metal but a decent portrait for this type of coin I think. Looks like Canterbury mint. Lastly a Richard I (Lionheart) penny, again a nice little portrait but im not sure of the mint so if anyone can decipher it please let me know!
  9. Thanks Art, yes the portraits on both are very good, the reverse of the Cnut is fantastic too, very bold. Here are a couple more: A Henry VIII groat, mm Arrow And an Elizabeth I milled shilling, mm star, small flan type.
  10. The Spink catalogue would be the first book to get in my opinion, especially as all the pictures in there are actual size. You can also pick up quite a lot of other info. http://www.coins-of-the-uk.co.uk/coins.html - this site also helped me when I was first starting out, lots of useful information and links. If you are ever unsure though then just post a picture here and we will tell you what it is. Being coin collectors we never really get bored of looking at coins! Hope that helps a bit
  11. A couple of new Anglo Saxon pennies to show you: A Cnut short cross penny, VCEDE ONN EOFER, which is potentially a rare moneyer but im not certain, does anyone know? An Aethelred II Crux type penny, Can anyone decipher the mint and moneyer? More to come soon
  12. Do you have a copy of Spink 2010 Coins of England? Its in there page 407. Im sure if there is something in particular you would like to know about it then someone on here will know.
  13. Lovely coins Clive, well done on acquiring them especially that rare Aethelred.
  14. Two new additions to show you: Firstly: An early Anglo-Saxon sceatta, I havnt bought a coin of this type before so if anyone can give me some info on it I would be grateful, is it genuine, what spink number is it etc? Secondly: A nice Elizabeth I threepence with a lovely portrait.
  15. This is a James I silver penny, in spink there are two listed, one is first bust and the other second bust. Can anyone tell me which one it is I have got and how you can tell? Or could you tell me where I might find out? Thanks in advance for any info!
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