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  1. Hopefully someone will come up with a easier answer then mine. I knew someone who did metal inspection and had one of the XRF non destructive testers. If silver the actual percentage would be off from the normal silver content it would mean plated. You might be able to call around and ask if you dropped by would they check it for you.
  2. To me cleaning a coin like this is terrible. There are times when cleaning is needed like coins that have been dug up and have layers of dirt, but that should be done very slowly and with non abrasive material.
  3. I wonder if the copper blank is missing or undersized?
  4. Really great collection of tokens. Went browsing through your post.
  5. Hard to tell what you are asking about but assuming it's the top left edge seems to be missing. It could be a defective/miscut planchet.
  6. Can you weigh the coin? It does look odd. It does look like nothing has been removed since the cladding does seem intact. The rims appear 50 +% intact and if it were hit or run over to flatten it that much I wouldn't expect the coin to be round without edge dings. Or have any of the rims intact. I think I could duplicate the coin condition but it would be a pain. Grease filled dies comes to mind as a possible answer. A coin getting stuck after minting then another slug coming in on top of it is another is also a possibility. But really it would need to be looked at in person to tell if one of those. I'd hang on to it till you can get to a coin show hopefully with one of the grading companies and see if they can confirm.
  7. If I see that right it looks like a die chip in the loop of the S.
  8. Hi, Ikaros, I can add my find of a 1961 Roosevelt dime in pocket change last week.
  9. Its in pretty rough shape but I wanted one of those and next swedish coin I'm wanting is one of the copper plate money.
  10. Mark Stilson


    toolhaus.org is a good site to plug in the feed back it will filter out pages so you can see any negs.
  11. Okay the coins I picked up in Sweden. Also a few I had already taking pictures of but forgot to up load to omni. First the forgotten coins. 1965 Netherlands 1 gulden 1964 Canada 25 cents 1947 U.K. half crown Now for the coins I picked up in Sweden 1744 Swedish 2 or (Bargain bin freebie) 1802 Swedish half skilling (Bargain bin freebie) 1822 Swedish 1 skilling (Bargain bin freebie) 1819 Swedish 1 skilling (Bargain bin freebie) 1804 Swedish 1\6 riksdaler 1807 Swedish 1/6 riksdaler 1566 Swedish 16 or
  12. It's funny last week we were in Scotland and the age of buildings etc amazing. (This week we are in Stolkhom) I don't have a 1511 but I have 1510 and 1509.
  13. 1514 Poland Lithuania half grosz Sisimund I 1513 Poland Lithuania half grosz Sisimund I 1512 Poland Lithuania half grosz Sisimund I On price I contacted a seller that had several coins from the time and arranged a discount for buying 10 coins. got them for an average of 10 to 15 each
  14. It's there in the group I posted.
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