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  1. its hard to tell .... but dont waste your money on grading unless its for sure a small date.... i cant tell with the pic you have.... but its only off by .02 which is easily lost just by handling over the last 30 years....
  2. yes i would think that too..... except for the fact the reverse is so perfect....... you can tell it was stamped and can even see the date 1996..... but it has no scratches or sign of wear. i also understand your thinking of how it might be possible... me too....but the pics do not do it justice.... i thank you for your feedback..... can you think of anything else that might be the case?
  3. Hello, i'm a newbie collector and have found a 1996 Lincoln cent with a nice reverse but nothing but the barely legible date on obverse.... what can anyone tell me about this coin?
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