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  1. So it appears that everyone wants the face to face cross catagory run-off. I'll prepare it shortly.
  2. I like the design. Well done. That's a very nice addition to your collection.
  3. Art


    Sorry. Didn't see your new rule post about the $5.00. I wasn't trying to "low-ball" you at all, just trying to get some interest going in your sale.
  4. Hey! Watch that Artie Farty stuff! Did you go to the same High School with me?
  5. You've been pacing these in a manner that allows me to toy with the idea of actually winning a few nice sets.
  6. I like the dollar. Frankly overdipped coins often have a "flat" appearance with no luster. This coin appears bright and lustrous.
  7. I read some of the article. Interesting. Used Google translate to change it to English. Worked fairly well.
  8. Perhaps it will generate interest for some of the folks who haven't been around in a while.
  9. Only 792 posts to go. Now that won't take too long -- or will it.
  10. I'm going to freeze my id - Art when it reaches 56789 posts. That's not too far away and certainly will not be repeated, by me, too quickly. So here's the contest. Suggest new screen names for me. The name that I choose and use will garner a prize for the suggestor. First person to suggest the name gets the prize. All decisions are mine. I haven't decided what the prize will be yet, but it will be something neat and fun -- not a big money thing. Art2 is already taken. Thanks and have fun. Suggestions open: 16Nov2011 at 6:04PM. This contest closes on 23Nov2011 at 6:03PM.
  11. A very happy birthday to you. I'm glad that you've joined us here at CoinPeople and become a regular poster. Thanks.
  12. Interesting note. Are you going to use one for your short snorter for 2012?
  13. I'm thinking the lighting will be quite a challenge. Have fun with it. Sounds like a nice show and some nice purchases.
  14. Without having the slab in hand, I'd say it looks genuine to me. I do think the dash in the certification number appears straight rather than angled but it's very difficult to tell for sure. Not sure anyone would counterfeit a coin such as this. By the way the coin appears to match the label nicely.
  15. Beautiful. I think I need at least one of these for my type set.
  16. Looks like you've found a bunch of templates. Enjoy.
  17. Interesting. I wonder about their changes to the size and composition of the coins. Doesn't it cause problems with all of their automated vending systems?
  18. It also depends on the number of coins that you have to sell. If you have 10 or 20 (x) coins and the total price difference of even 4 or 5 dollars each may not justify putting too much work into it. How far do you want to travel and how much time do you want to spend for a potential $50 extra?
  19. Very nice Singapore notes. What denominations are needed to complete the set?
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