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  1. No response so far. Hope he is just busy.
  2. Didn't want to start a new topic, so I am asking here. Anyone knows what is going on with the OMNICOIN.COM? The search function had been broken for months and now the links to the "stats" - most popular, largest, etc are also broken for a few weeks. I am not a Web expert, but it seems that some maintenance is needed. I started thinking where to move my 5,000 coins and, more importantly, if it is worth the effort to put the rest 2/3 of my collection up :-(.
  3. I've recently got myself an 1830 Sardinia lira. Trying to determine the mint, I realized that it is certainly not a common anchor, but it does not look like a more prominent eagle head (Turin) shown on the 5 or 20 lire coins. Does anyone know if this is indeed a scarcer Turin (Turino) mint mark? http://www.omnicoin.com/viewcoin/1041314
  4. I will appreciate some help here. If the owners of the above mentioned commemorative issue (100'th anniversary of the ministry of finance) can take a look and let me know if the edge is plain or vertically reeded? I bought the coin recently with the plain edge and was puzzled since I could not recall another plain edge silver issue by Thai mint. The weight - 24.9 gr by my weight - seems to match declared, diameter is 38 mm and the edge seems manufactured, not filed off. Krause omits this information in both printed and on-line editions.
  5. Just got back here...

  6. Here is my thinking :-). Azores, Angola, Mozambique and Brazil were all governed by the same administrative principles, including monetary policy, not unlike British at the later times - 19'th century anchor dollars, Jersey issues and such. In a wayRemember that most of the large scale trade, if done in cash, was done in gold and silver, and was to be shipped back to Portugal for reminting into crown currency. Local copper money was issued to facilitate exclusively local trade and it was usually in limited quantities. I don't know/guess why - maybe so that the local government will exercise self restrain in spending, maybe because the cost of setting up the mint or shipping from the metropolis was too costly. Foreign money was usually prohibited from circulation as it showed the weakness of the governing regime or was at least counter marked. and was to be shipped back to Portugal. Exportation of the currency was also officially forbidden, however lot of the coinage shipped away with sailors.
  7. Sarawak is already a pretty "hot" issue and getting good Straits Settlements issues is difficult for both in high grades. I believe that the initial Chinese and Indian middle class collecting (hoarding) of the native Chinese coins will start morphing into the classics (British and German) and near territories which culturally are closest. So yes, I think the pricing of the high grade Sarawak and older Malaya coins will continue to rise. I think that modern issues will remain under a certain ceiling as they lack the attractiveness of age for the collectors.
  8. The KN letters under the CENTS indicate that it was minted at King Nortons mint at Birmingham, UK. They minted quite a few colonial issues for the Empire. But their most thought after issues are high quality pennies minted for the use in the UK in 1918 and 1919.
  9. Let's see if I can stir someone to post their Australian treasures, will start with recent addition of the 1916-M shilling/ Melbourne mint, common but pleasant extra fine specimen, finer of all Australian coins I have - they are so expensive nowadays.
  10. Here is another one of the Raised "B" on the eBay. I am not sure if it is authentic slab or no slab, but you may be interested. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Straits-Settlements-1903-B-Raised-B-One-Dollar-PCGS-AU55-Silver-Coin-Rare-/261208597274?pt=US_World_Coins&hash=item3cd13ee31a#ht_633wt_1161
  11. Or a sloppy half blind collector lived there before :-) and these pennies just fell through the cracks.
  12. And you should be able to tell easily if it is brass or gold by the weight of the piece. If it is a gold "copy" of halfcrown, it'll be close the the ounce of gold in weight, brass should be much lighter. but the pictures are not consistent with it being gold.
  13. I do not remember if I posted this particular type before in another post, but this one certainly belongs here.
  14. Got interestingly toned Edward VII 5 cents.
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