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  1. Update? No, nothing to report in EIGHT MONTHS. A 1984 Trinidad Specimen recently sold on eBay Buy it Now about 10 minutes before I got on line! Damn, the only one I had ever seen and not in Krause either.
  2. I believe that set is a PL uncirculated set. Jamaicacoincollector - are you in the USA? PM me as I might be able to help.
  3. That is a fairly good one, and would likely fetch above 400 USD. The specimen uncirculated set is the very rare one, however. Nice that you have that one.
  4. Update: nothing to report. I am convinced the 2002 proof set of Jamaica exists but that there must be extremely few in the hands of collectors. However, I would not be surprised if a number may one day be located in a BoJ warehouse or perhaps at the Royal Mint. Really a shame as they could clear a few, although I do not know at what cost to them. The 1984 specimen set of Jamaica also exists by report, and an Eastern European collector has one at least. The 1984 specimen set of Barbados is also likely to exist: separately, I have gotten the PL versions of the $10, $5, $1, 25c and
  5. Can you show the "flat sides". Those pictures look to be end-on amdreally don't tell much. Perhaps it is of brass, and perhaps not even a coin at all?
  6. Yes, the direct approach is a good suggestion. I have a couple of friends from Nigeria that may know some additional ins and outs. Evidently the 1991 set was struck at the Royal Mint. I actually don't have a picture and not even listed in Krause. An interesting note with regards to the 2004 Falklands set: originally the mintage was to be unlimited, then dropped to 2500 & then the last figure was "less than 50". As they are essentially base metal sets, even some of these may have made it to the rubbish/dumpster!
  7. Although I collect predecimal British, I have looked for some time and to no avail for the following Royal Mint struck proof sets, and appreciate any info there might be about the sets in the wild (not just the Royal Mint original For Sale Ads): 1 - 1991 Nigeria Proof Set 2 - 2004 Falkland Islands Proof Set I did manage to get one of the 2004 Falkland Specimen sets which are very proof like, but obviously not Proof.
  8. No 1986 sets made according to all information I have.
  9. The reason for the elusiveness is that NOBODY cared then and barely anybody cares now. The Royal Mint made little if any profit on this, and may well have been simply fulfilling a contract. Sadly a matter of no interest by anybody. There are some other years as described above that may as scarce or even scarcer but suffer from the same malady.
  10. Yes, please do PM me if at all possible with pictures...
  11. Send email addy as I'm to pisspoor at posting pics and could use help! LOL.
  12. I just "refound" this coin which I had purchased for an unknown price about 10 years ago with no source recorded by me. I have not seen another in this denomination. Allegedly, the proof silver single 1984 10 Dollars coin had a mintage of 67 & the set quite low. This is the 2 Marlins breaching reverse & interesting has a date on reverse and obverse which I had never known the FM to do. I have never seen the 1984 specimen set, and not even aware of it being advertised at time of issue - I could only afford the pot metal specimen sets at the time. A Russian respondent to another post sa
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