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  1. You have a unique piece of medieval harness/clothing ornament. Please don't ruin it!
  2. If it's not a copy, it's: Arados, Phoenicia, AR Tetradrachm. Turreted head of Tyche / Nike standing left. http://www.wildwinds.com/coins/sg/sg5992.t.html
  3. I really like your solid Sadagura collection. From one of the 1771 patterns to the extremely rare 1795 overstrike!
  4. Austria 1 Heller 1901. KM#2800 Mintage 52,096,000 F $0.20, UNC$12
  5. Nice stuff there! About the poor quality of the numismatic accesories, in the same situation are the Leuchtturm 2x2's. Many of my silver coins preserved in 2x2's became yellow/greenish and greasy after 5-6 years. And they claim that the foil is Chloride free.
  6. It's a sort of Portuguese cartwheel penny. Even the era is the same: 1795 vs 1797 in the Australian case.
  7. On Yugoslav coins you'll find 4 languages and 2 characters.
  8. The title said clearly: Gold [...] coin/gaming token. Even in the case it's not a coin, the seller declare in the title that it's gold. If it's not, the buyer can claim that it was misinformed by the seller. That's just my opinion (more or less 2 cents).
  9. Make me an irresistible offer for an old and almost complete Whitman folder "Canadian Nickel Collection 1922 to date" ( that means 1960!) with only 2 empty holes: 1925 and 1926 far 6. Note: The 1947dot wasn't known as variant at that time: Whitman has only 2 holes for 1947: simple and maple leaf). The coins are in average circulated condition, if you are interested for pictures simply wrote me a message here or on facebook.
  10. That 2 kopeks struck over 2 Para 3 Kopeks are awsome!
  11. First two coins are KM#412 &413 Egypt 5 and 10 Piastres 1967 AH1387.
  12. I remember it. Nice piece!.
  13. It looks suspicious for me. I'm afraid that's a chinese fake.
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