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  1. photo shows it clearer then it does in hand as well. looks like closed 3 type
  2. UK still has the penny. even the copper ones, the 2p is worth 3p oddly enough in the UK, the Double florin was never was actually made non-legal tender so in theory is a 20p coin.... worth far more in silver content of course.
  3. no idea why this and St petersburg 1843 were in a load of British stuff, but what are your thoughts on that last 8.. it looks like the tail of a 7.
  4. Tried, and failed, to research this, never seen one of these before.
  5. go this for £4. was wondering what information people had regarding these, I know there are varieties regarding the rossettes around the 2 1/2, Basically, its that I want to know about.
  6. no, just getting cheap rares is something i try and do.
  7. R16 in freeman (51 to 100) wide date 1878 halfpenny for less then £1
  8. looks like Spanish netherlands but cant find the diamond shield design
  9. thanks, that's what I wanted to hear.
  10. how rare are these? I cant seem to find any information on them.
  11. highs, are finding the rare stuff on the cheap.
  12. for a whole 50 pence a coin worth £60-100
  13. couple of late nite ebay BINS at £5.30 I wouldn't normally pay that much for these, usually around £1-2 for these, but the date and mint combo make it the rarest coin of this type, and 2nd lowest mintage of all 50 pfennigs of the period, rarer then the hard to obtain Nickel ones. this was a couple of weeks ago, but same deal, late nite BIN £2.99 total
  14. couple more I got recently
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