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  1. photo shows it clearer then it does in hand as well. looks like closed 3 type
  2. UK still has the penny. even the copper ones, the 2p is worth 3p oddly enough in the UK, the Double florin was never was actually made non-legal tender so in theory is a 20p coin.... worth far more in silver content of course.
  3. no idea why this and St petersburg 1843 were in a load of British stuff, but what are your thoughts on that last 8.. it looks like the tail of a 7.
  4. Tried, and failed, to research this, never seen one of these before.
  5. go this for £4. was wondering what information people had regarding these, I know there are varieties regarding the rossettes around the 2 1/2, Basically, its that I want to know about.
  6. no, just getting cheap rares is something i try and do.
  7. R16 in freeman (51 to 100) wide date 1878 halfpenny for less then £1
  8. looks like Spanish netherlands but cant find the diamond shield design
  9. thanks, that's what I wanted to hear.
  10. how rare are these? I cant seem to find any information on them.
  11. highs, are finding the rare stuff on the cheap.
  12. for a whole 50 pence a coin worth £60-100
  13. couple more I got recently
  14. no idea, only have the remains of the 1.
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