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  1. I wouldn't. It's a fake rarity, and it's kinda ugly.
  2. Both Apple Pay and Google Pay (formerly Android Pay) use NFC to talk to the credit card machine at the retailer. They transmit the card number (which is generated specifically for this transaction) on the fly, so if the credit card machine has been tampered with only one transaction is affected (instead of canceling your payment card, you just tell your bank about that specific transaction from that retailer and you're done). No cost for this, but your bank/credit union/... must support Apple Pay/Google Pay ... it's a game changer.
  3. I don't even do that... Mostly I use my phone (since it generates one-time use numbers)...
  4. all i find here are occasional canadian coins (and none since i don't go to the market where the coinstar machine is located anymore...).
  5. henare


    Ok. Hard to believe I don't have any ikes... So let's start at 4.99
  6. i just saw that ulster bank note somewhere else and really liked it ...
  7. Reddit? I'm not sure that's very active for this... I went dormant wrt my collections for a long while but I'm preparing to return. Probably fewer coins, more notes and literature. I wasn't a very organized collector but maybe that will change now...
  8. exactly. that's right up there with "the IRS is here to help you" and "the great pumpkin is on the way!"
  9. i'm surprised it doesn't yet exist. this can't be a unique need.
  10. no problem. squeeze that into your inkjet or laser printer at home and you're good to go
  11. i've never liked the albums where you press the coin into the cardboard (although i'd totally buy one to use to keep track of what i have). home-produced albums almost certainly have problems like chemicals that would interfere with preservation ... you could go out and buy the right kind of paper, but labels and printer stuff would screw things up. art's idea of an app to produce this stuff is pretty cool, presumably that you could print it "safely."
  12. my stepmom worked at the American Banknote Company. never brought home any samples
  13. I'm in! (Now I need to find a cool banknote to use ... )
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