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  1. I don't know if I have any complete series... The definition is the key. Just to mention one, which by some standards would be complete, is my set of every minted date of the Soviet 1 rouble coin of 1961-1991. Still missing some varieties. If I counted only per date and mint mark, I'd have dozens of complete sets from the USSR, Russia and some other countries. I will not be happy with just a complete run of dates and mint marks: If I know that there are varieties (but not errors), I need to find them. Tatarstan wasn't independent. They declared their sovereignty, but not independence.
  2. 9/12 for the currency 8/10 for the coins 19/20 for the quarters Not bad for a foreigner who doesn't actively collect US coins, eh?
  3. I like it. Although I find it a little bit old fashioned, I think it is better than most of the other candidates (maybe excluding the bunch of wheat). Can't wait to get my hands on one
  4. I can make scans of both of them when I go back to Finland in about a week or two
  5. I'm actually planning to buy the new coin - for exactly the same reasons you mentioned. I really like the Column and the Palace Square and can't get enough of them, even though I usually get to see them at least once a week. Especially on a nice sunny day the atmosphere over there is something special. It's just the price of the coin... Maybe I could survive a few months without eating?
  6. I enjoyed them alot - last friday I got myself the 3 newest 50 tenge coins from the coin shop. I believe that I have the whole series excluding the first coin from 1999 and the two latest ones ("Betashar" and "T. Basenov 1909-2009"). Great coins. I like how they continue the tradition of the commemorative nickel roubles of the USSR
  7. I collect them. I mean, not Roosevelt dimes ofcourse, but I collect Russian coins by variety, and that most certainly is a variety. Here in Russia differences like that have been catalogued (see http://coins2001.narod.ru for example) and are keenly collected. The rarest mint mark positions can be worth quite a bit of money. If I was to collect US coins with the depth I'm in to Russians, I'd collect these too. Compare the position of the letter "M" on the obverse
  8. A couple of US coins needed for my new little project: (preferably UNC or aUNC) 1 cent 2007 D 2009 P, Professional life 2009 D, Professional life 5 cents 2006 P 2007 P 2008 P 2009 P 2009 D 1 dime 2007 P 2008 P 2008 D 2009 P 2009 D 1/4 dollar 2009 P, American Samoa 2009 D, American Samoa 1/2 dollar 2008 P 2008 D 1 dollar 2005 P 2007 P 2007 D PM me if you have some of these coins for sale!
  9. Very difficult I think - there's no such thing. Only 10 and 15 kopecks vere minted in Osaka.
  10. I've now found 1, 5, 10, 50 kopecks and 1 rouble 2009 from the Saint-Petersburg Mint, and 10 kopecks and 2 roubles 2009 from the Moscow Mint. And here in Finland both, the regular and commemorative 2 euros 2009. That's not awfully bad, but still less Russian coins than last year this time. No SPMD 5 or 2 rouble-pieces yet, not to mention the new nickel plated steel 1, 2, 5 roubles... Now I'm waiting for the October, when a regular circulating 10 rouble coin will be issued
  11. Here's the list of coins missing from my collection. At the moment I've listed only coins from 1961 to date, but I'm also looking for older coins. If you have any extra Russian coins (even common dates not listed in here), please contact me I prefer to buy the coins, but swapping might also be possible in some cases. I'd appreciate if the offered coins would grade at least EF, but I happily accept coins of any grades as long as I find them otherwise suitable for my collection. Also, I hope to purchase large lots of Soviet coins for variety hunting. PM me! *************
  12. I got my first 2009 coin yesterday A Saint Petersburg mint 10 kopeck piece.
  13. You are right about that one, I noticed that too and the coin is now somewhere in my junk boxes I can't say anything about this coin now, because it is in Finland and I'll be able to examine it in summer at the earliest.
  14. http://ciscoins.narod.ru/ru1992r.htm http://ciscoins.narod.ru/ru1993r.htm http://coins2001.narod.ru/coins91-93.htm
  15. That's no error, it's a normal E mint mark.
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