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  1. Got two Kennedys needed. A good trade to say the least!
  2. Look at that just 1 mint set and 3 silver proof sets to go!
  3. Thank for the contest win and the auction.
  4. Bunch of trade coins were waiting for me when I got home.
  5. Oh I especially love that last one.
  6. Sheesh, how many of these do I have to do???
  7. Got my part of a trade already. Always a pleasure!
  8. Very fast. Beautiful coins. Thanks for picking them up for me.
  9. Another one... long standing string of good stuff.
  10. Added Mexico, Brazil and Portugal. My focuses at the moment are Swiss, Mexico, Germany, Hungary, and Czech.
  11. Can't beat dealing with Bill. I even got a future credit because the coin had unnoticed bagmarks. I love you man.
  12. Lotsa goodies from Bill today. Yay! Good stuff!
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