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  1. Wow That is a gorgeous design, Sir Sisu
  2. Nah ... I think we should go for it I wasn't thinking "long term" yet, but that makes sense. I assume it's a no-no to submit a previous winner
  3. All Dansco albums ... US Type Set - lacking 3 coins to complete (including gold page); US Large Cents - only have maybe 20 or so in there; US Half Cents - Approx. 67% complete; Canada Type Set (2 volumes) - maybe 20% complete; Australia Type Set - only have 5 coins in it.
  4. Art, do you really think you can get that many coins right now? I mean, we only have a little over 100 people back at last check (108) and, if I recall, there was a bit of a shortage of entries last time. If that made any sense, then how 'bout the same categories for now ... Gold, Silver, Copper and Other. Might get enough coins with less categories.
  5. awfully good results, though !!! I've seen proof pics from folks with $3,000 worth of camera and lighting equipment that don't look that good !!!
  6. Wow, folks ... awesome coins I have to stick to silver, though ... the gold ones are just a wee bit too expensive for me, as well as palladium. Tiffibunny, those proofs look awesome ... What does your lighting setup look like? I've managed a couple of "dark mirror" shots, but not as nice as yours. (If you don't mind sharing trade secrets )
  7. WOW!!! Those are some gorgeous Russians Guess I need to start searching for some of those
  8. Here's a couple of mine ... okay, the first one isn't actually a ship 1988 Samoa 10 Tala, 0.999 Silver, Proof. Comemmorates the voyage of the Kon-Tiki, a balsa log raft sailed from South America to Tahiti in 1947 by Thor Heyerdahl. 1986 People's Republic of China, 5 Yuan. Obv: Great Wall. Rev: The Ship Empress of China.
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