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  1. My knowledge base on errors and varieties is not as large as some who could answer to these but here is what I've learned: the "cuds" you speak of are probaly what is referred to as a die chip a cud extends from the collar (rim) inward. Or it may just be a bubble formed from corroded zinc (can't tell from the pic). The 94 would be corrosion as my understanding is that 1990 onwards the mint mark was not hand punched but included on the die so it would be impossible to be punched twice. Hope this helps.
  2. Why does it not allow me to send more than one pm, it gives me a "time out" tells me I can't send another one till a certain time.
  3. Good thing I don't play poker.
  4. Don't know much about poker but is this one of those serial numbers that is attractive to a poker player? Too bad its not in better condition.
  5. Does anybody have info as to approx. value of a Franklin 48D DDR? Or know of a site where an image is posted? Thank you.
  6. daggit


    Received my auction winnings from Colin, Thank you very much Colin
  7. daggit


    As always prompt payment and such a gentleman! Thanks Art
  8. Instant payment of course, always a pleasure Jeff!
  9. daggit


    Thank you for the auction PM sent.
  10. daggit


    UMMM.....40 CENTS..... naw make it 50 cents
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