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U.S. & World coin collecting


What is your preference? Lightside or Darkside?  

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  1. 1. What is your preference? Lightside or Darkside?

    • Collect United States coins only
    • Collect World coins only
    • Collect both U.S. & World coins equally
    • Collect U.S., dabble into World coins
    • Collect World coins, dabble into U.S. coins

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It started out equally but I'm beginning to lean more towward the world side. US coins are getting too high for me for what I need. No big deal though, I'm happy where my collection stands.

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I started out collecting US coins and only had a few world coins. In the past year or so, the World coins have dominated my collecting and so has world paper money.


It just seems that there is more of a variety in world coins than US. And US coins have lost alot of there appeal to me.

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I voted the last option, but the reality is that I mainly collect British, followed by Conder Tokens, selected medals, type sets for Canada and Australia, then a US Type Set.


Aw, hell ... I guess I want one of everything :ninja:

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Mostly world (and not very much of that). US i tend to go here and there with, mostly the earlier 1820s and before stuff is what grabs me. But i'm a real sucker for Washington quarters. (I like SLQs as well). I like Merc dimes alot but i generally find them ugly. That girl has got a seriously protruding chin (okay not quite like Morgans). But that kind of chin thing should be left to Roman Emperors like Vespasian.


These days i seem to be buying up Roman coins and reading all things Roman (always found Rome interesting but i managed to keep it supressed for several years), if this Romanitis continues much longer i'll be adorning a purple cloak and adopting the name Little Boots.


I think it's safe to say i'm primarily a world collector.

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