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  1. The answer to the camera question is easy to me.....because not everyone can afford the proper camera setup to take high quality pictures. I have done both with banknotes. Scanned and taken pictures. The scanner is just much easier. It's easier to place the banknote so it is level, so when you view it, it isn't tilted any. With a camera you need to make sure you have a piece of paper taped down for a background and to get the camera set so it takes level pictures. Most people don't want the hassle of setting the camera up this way. When tyhe edge of the scanner glass will do it for you.
  2. There is a 12 note sheet located at the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmonds money museum
  3. I found 3 game tokens to a local arcade, a 1991 lincoln and 4 silver dimes 2 mercs (1918 & 1930) and 2 Rosies (1948 & 49) Was a good day
  4. It is listed as S418 1919 Currency token Issues 1000 Rubles from Russia. VG= $1 VF= $3 UNC= $8
  5. Once again ....... Have you tried to contact the Malaysia Numismatic Society to see if anyone there can provide more info on any of the notes you have been asking about. They may know of a member that can assist you more. They may know of someone that specializes in these notes. Here is their information Malaysia Numismatic Society P.O. Box 12367 50776 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and their email is info@money.org.my
  6. I too would be inclined to agree and also 2nd what Dave said about contacting Krause and also Owen.
  7. Where in Wales are you? The reason I ask is that if you are close to Chepstow, I will be over there in early September and can bring state quarters with me.
  8. I know what it is, but I already won one of the other contest.
  9. I put a lowball bid in. Maybe I will win the coins instead of the contest.
  10. I already won one and figured I would let others guess
  11. I collect all world currencies. And mainly focus outside of the US, as most older US currency is out of my range I want to spend.
  12. When I get onto the site I usually click Coin forum and it takes me to the topic posts. Then I click on a topic to read the post. After reading the posts I use to be able to hit the back button and it would take me back to the topic posts list. Now when I do it, it just reloads the page of the posts I had just read.
  13. I am been having an issue while browsing the site. When i click to go into lets say the Coin Forum and then click on any topic, months ago I could click the back button on my browser and it would take me backwards a page. Now it doesn't do it any more. I have cleared the cache in my browser but nothing changes. Any ideas as to why it is doing this? This is the only site that I can't go backwards to the previous page I was on. I am using windows vista and IE. If I use Firefox I don't have the issue, but I only use firefox once in a while.
  14. I'm gonna guess Brazil 5000 Cruzeiros Reals
  15. Brett

    Help me

    I would go with face value since they are new. Unless they are in extreme high demand, then I would say $1,000,000 just kidding
  16. I know many young banknote collectors who would love to get some world banknotes. So if it comes down needing to get rid of them. I will pay for the postage for you to ship them to me. I will give them to any YN who wants some and can also hold contests.
  17. I use to be able to get a box of 100 3-pocket pages for around $15. I haven't bought any in 2 years. The last time I bought some I got 3 boxes.
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