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  1. A little background for anyone who cares: the Kentucky cent wasn't made in Kentucky, and has nothing specifically to do with Kentucky. Its name derives from the fact that the first star on the reverse has a "K" for Kentucky on it. (Each of the 15 stars has the abbreviation of one of the states in existence at the time on it). Its technically not a colonial, but a post-colonial issue.
  2. I hope they don't scrap that Unite for melt. Would be a real shame for a piece of history like that to be lost forever.
  3. Its still likely a $300 coin in this condition.
  4. Genuine. Its a cleaned proof made from heavily polished dies. The squared off rims give away the proof status. The drapery under the elbow is the first thing to go when the dies are polished.
  5. While I would not buy one, I don't see anything wrong with it for those who are happy collecting such things.
  6. Having only seen the obverse, I can say that this is one case where the approved design is superior. I mean... dolphins? Come now.
  7. Lucky for me I don't collect these. What a nice coin!
  8. Actually, no. I find them to be way overpriced. Plus I don't pay sales tax if I buy out of state. Its nice to look in their window though.
  9. Got a very nice large size star note from Matt. Thanks!
  10. Does Stacks count as a local coin shop?
  11. I didn't read the article but how did he get to keep them in the first place? I would think he would have been required to turn in the evidence.
  12. I have a nice variety of stuff on eBay right now. Please follow the linky... My eBay items
  13. I have a few MS-70 coins, and if I look hard enough I can find a flaw in each one. I don't think the TPGs consider MS-70 to be "perfect." IMO, an MS-70 coin is one that is just a hair just better than MS-69.
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