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  1. Ok the 1897 US Silver Morgan dollar in a old PCGS holder is graded MS63 Asking price: $69.99 or Best offer I take cash, checks and money orders FREE SHIPPING WITH TRACKING PM if Interested -------------------------- Pic taken with a webcam so they are not so good
  2. a photo would be helpful of both sides of the coin
  3. welcome to coinpeople this is not a very active site so answers will be slow in coming to questions asked here
  4. Ok i bought this coin sometime ago and was told it could be a possible VAM cause of the spike near the eagles wing sorry the photos were taken with a old webcam(yeah i know they suck)
  5. IMHO looks to be PMD where the coin has rubbed on something and made scratches
  6. Corina


  7. Looks IMHO to be old roman coins without close up photos hard to really say
  8. iMHO looks like rust or something but the photo is not clear so hard to say
  9. Corina


  10. can't tell anything with a burry photo, need to get close up to the area you are talking about
  11. A photo would help in seeing what you are talking about and a close up photo also would be helpful
  12. a photo would help in seeing what you are talking about and IMHO sounds like post mint damage and the no mint mark is common in coins made in at the Philadelphia mint
  13. just trust me it's post mint damage, what did it most likely a cutting tool of sorts what type who knows and who knows when the damage was done to the coin but it's PMD
  14. advice: research your coins and such before you start thinking you have something get coin books, look up errors online and then if you still think you have something send it in to a grading company and see what they say
  15. i hate the fact that small coins such a dimes and other small coins aren't easy to photo with my old webcam unlike big coins which i can photo pretty easy i just have a hard time getting the right photo of smaller coins
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