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  1. 1816 Large Cent from Blackhawk, always a good transaction. Thanks!
  2. Another smooth transaction, thanks Bill
  3. I'm 19 coins away from filling the U.S. Type set Dansco. Missing the usual suspects, Seated dollars and all early copper. But I have really slowed down on "just filling" the album, and becoming much more selective on what's going in. I'm already disgusted with a few that are in there, and they will be upgraded soon.
  4. Another great transaction, thanks Bill
  5. Many transactions with Bill, and never a problem. One of the best.
  6. Thanks Blackhawk, another nice purchase from you.
  7. Fast to ship, accurate grading, Blackhawk is the best!
  8. Bill is the best, Thanks Bill
  9. Dansco: US Type set=50% complete Jefferson Nickels 1938-Present=Complete Ike Dollars=Complete Lincoln Cents= 70% complete
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