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  1. Either a 1875-CC or 1876-P, 20 cent piece in AU, really prefer the CC
  2. While a coin shop is fun to go to, many nowadays are just bullion exchange mediums. There hasn't been a decent shop down here in Vero Beach since i moved here 11 years ago. Just do the Melbourne show which is nice BTW, and all the great online dealers. Shop in your underwear while nursing a beer, listing to the Yankees on tv.
  3. I know they will sell, but of course not for what i really want for them. So unless a dealer knocks me over with a strong price(very doubtful) they most likely will stay in my custody a bit longer.
  4. Art , like you I am paring down the collection, or better yet accumilation. I have way too much stuff i never even look at, and was shocked I had when I went thru everything recently. I am seriously thinking of selling my complete CC Morgan Dollar coins at FUN in January. I would really like to finish my 20 cent set in XF or better, not including the 1876-CC Of course add to the never ending US Type set in my Dansco 7070 I will think of others...
  5. I have the following red books: 14th edition-1961 15th edition-1962 18th edition-1965 35th edition-1982 42nd edition-1989 Blue books: 17th edition-1960 19th edition-1962 All books look to be in decent condition, but I am no book expert. No rips, and covers are sod lidly intact. $2 each or $10 for them all. Factor in $2 a book to ship, I will refund the difference if the shipping is less. Thanks, Dan
  6. Dan769

    Registry Sets

    I have the Carson City Morgan Dollar set going at both PCGS & NGC. I'm doing it for fun, and my set is complete in my mind as I have one coin from the 13 years they minted Morgan CC's. Not into all the varieties of a set, NGC seems to list a lot more than PGCS does.
  7. You hit right on the head, you see on seated coins and Barbers most often.\ As far as the 1879-CC I showed the coin to one of the head graders at NGC last years FUN show, he said close to XF, but he would grade it VF-35 also. So I will take my beating and move on, I wont be resubmitting.
  8. OK quick update, NGC lunch was nice, free beer!! And they let my children in without an invite, very nice of them. Bourse was mobbed, tough time squeezing into the better dealers tables, so I just took their card for the web address and will shop at home. Did my gamble pay off? As I suspected it was bittersweet, my 1879-CC did end up grading VF-35, just as I thought, which makes me feel good about my grading, but my wallet is not a fan. I thought it might sneak into an XF-40 after reading the grading standards so I gave it a shot.
  9. I realize with my budget, I cannot afford to collect a certain grade such as yourself. May sound odd but I like the look of circulated coins, IMO I think some coins look better in circ than uncirc. Of course could be my budget talking, but anyway all of my coins range from Fine to AU. I'm also trying to get them in slightly better dates where possible, all my seated coins except the dollar are CC's, etc. Budget really dictates what I can do, and of course the central air conditioning finally died after 15 years 3 days before the FUN show, which crimped my buying some.
  10. One last thing, the Draped Bust and Classic head may stop me in completing this type set. Everyone that I can afford are dark brown discs that you can barely see the design. Looks like a piece of candy. Nice coins are in the multiple of hundreds of dollars and I would prefer to spend that on other items. Big dilemma.
  11. Art I may be at the NGC lunch also, though I unexpectedly have my kids today, babysitter is sick, so I may skip the lunch and move quickly thru the bourse and get out of there. Not sure how much show the kids can take. I'll try for one more addition to the type set, only 4 to go.
  12. What a first day at FUN. Started off with my type set want list in hand, but that quickly went into 1875-1876 20 cent hunt. I find 3 of them, 2 graded PCGS XF 45, the other XF 40. Before I could decide it was time for the PCGS luncheon. They scaled back this year, no hot food, just sandwiches, but the price was right so no complaints from me I guess this is bad of me but I only stayed for the food, then i left. I couldn't take stting there knowing these 20 centers might get sold from under me so I went back downstairs. and after 2 hours of back and forth between dealers i picked up a 1875 in XF 45. Great coin with nice strike and original surfaces. A plug to Dick Osborn, a really nice dealer with fantastic inventory. Tho i dont need for the type set I picked up a beautiful 1911-S Barber Quarter graded XF 40 by PCGS. I couldn't help myself, I had to have it. I'm calling it an upgrade to the type set to justify. Lastly I picked up a 1877 Trade Dollar PCGS VF 35. Not sure if the price has plummeted on these, or the dealer misread their own price, but when they said $200, I said sold. Trends has it at $275 My big gamble is at the submissions table. I've sent a ANACS 1879-CC Morgan graded at XF 40 to PCGS for hopefully a crossover. I'd like to add it to my registry set there so I took a $ 100 gamble to see if it crosses. Gotta a funny feeling it's coming back as a VF, which would be about a $400 swing in value. I'll find out tomorrow!
  13. I'll be looking hard for that 1876 20 center at FUN. Such a low mintage, I am shocked at what they sell for. 1875-CC's trend much more and they are all over the place. Northern Nevada Coins must have a dozen of the CC's on their website. And I take some solace in the fact that I am not alone in the disorganization. Though I guess I'm really not disorganized, I just had way too much stuff.
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