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  1. That is amazing I have never found that many wheats in any of my boxes.
  2. I got one cent out of circulation.
  3. I would like to trade for the P mint. PM if you are still interested, I would like to make it worthwile and trade other rolls, shipping is kind of expensive. Martin
  4. I'm thinking of putting one on ebay just to see what it would go for.
  5. Have any of you seen this anywhere else? & what would be the odds of getting 2 sets with the same crack?
  6. Do you have them all ready? I would like to trade, but I don't have the rolls yet. Would you wait a little longer for the trade?
  7. Some people have all the Luck. Great find and at a great price.
  8. If you all get rid of them, send them my way, I will take them all
  9. I have some rolls of State quarters I would like to trade, whenever you are allowed to trade.
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