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  1. Got my token today, Bill. I love it! Thank you!
  2. Anyone buying these? They have gold sets too. I have never seen a "reverse proof" before. Has the Mint offered reverse proofs before? I am buying the silver set. To help mark the historic occasion of the 20th anniversary of the American Eagle Coin Program, the United States Mint is pleased to offer, for the first time ever, a reverse proof version of the American Eagle Silver Coins. Specially prepared dies were created to give these coins their spectacular finish. Both the proof and uncirculated American Eagles carry the “W” mint mark of West Point while the reverse proof coins carry t
  3. I hope so. I am buying 10 and holding onto them.
  4. I have two proof coins that are necklaces. I have had them for over 5 years and neither one shows much wear. The reason is I had them set into bezzles that stick out further than the edge of the coin itself. One is set into a ruby bezzle, the other into a plain gold bezzle, but that way if the coin is hit against something harder than myself, it's only the bezzle that is hit, not the coin itself.
  5. Nice going, Art! A great idea and it will be fun to watch the set progress!
  6. I believe they are a distinct variety and I voted yes.
  7. How funny that is! Thank you, Matt.
  8. I am not opening mine, so I am glad you posted the pictures - very cool!
  9. Bullhead 1 Crappie 3 Eel Pout 59 Northern Pike 15 Perch 2 Rock Bass 1 Smallmouth Bass 10 Sucker 23 Sunfish 40 Walleye 28 I know nothing about fish, so I doubt I will win, but it's a fun contest, Tiff, and welc
  10. Me too, please! Tiff is the Queen, but I am the Princess - haha!! Thanks, Art!
  11. Those binders are great Tiff. Where did you get the one with the straps?
  12. Thank you. I really enjoyed looking at the coins online!
  13. I got mine today, Tiff, and thank you so much. It will have a special place in my collection.
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