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NGC to Feature my Toned collection in a print Ad!!


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I was contacted by NGC today and they are going to be setting up a new feature on their site that basically let's folks create the own registry set vs having to input their collection into pre-made sets.


Someone saw all of the differen't toned denominations I have on display in the TCCS gallery and they decided to use my coins in their advertisement to announce the new changes. They figure that folks like me would like to create their own sets that conform to their own collecting style....which in this case envolves toners...........4Party.gif


I am very excitied and was quite suprised to be selected.....I'll be sure to post an image of the ad once it's been created :ninja:


Just wanted to share the news with my new forum friends!!!

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Congratulations, Krypto !!! :ninja:

Looking forward to seeing the ad, too ;)

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