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  1. Stay away from littleton, not only high priced....over priced, they sell cleaned coins too.
  2. I have seen them sell coins graded by IGC or something. I call it the "Lying Jack Network".....theives! Now that's mean.
  3. I carry this little book I got from my local dealer, it has every US coin listed, you just fill in the amount under the appropriate grade you are looking for. I can see what I got and what I need and what I am willing 2 pay, in my little book. lol
  4. R u talking proof or unc? ($600.00)
  5. Still got the nickel? It looks more like VF?
  6. Stu, as usual, very interesting read, good idea too! thx
  7. AU, but someone ought 2 be able 2 get a closer grade, I would like 2 know myself.
  8. Thx 4 everything BlackHawk................a honest dealer here!
  9. That's not new, I got one 5 months or so ago for $12, now a MS-68 goes for $350 a MS-69, $450 NGC of course.
  10. OK, i see the "Noon CST" on this one but not on the 1957.
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