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    I'm a Nova Caesarian in Civitas Novi Eboraci
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    Coins, American History,NY Mets baseball, The Dead and The Floyd

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  1. I like both. I have two Morgan dollars that I absolutely love. One is uncirculated and proof like; the other is somewhere between good and fine and has an S that someone punched into the reverse long ago. Both are beautiful, but in different ways
  2. UncleBobo

    sold ff

    I love silver dimes!!! Good find!
  3. Until the coinage act of 1857, foreign coins were allowed to freely circulate in the US. Afterward, you could turn these coins in for an equivalent amount of US coins.
  4. I could be wrong, but I think the reason they're not doing the set in silver is because they would've needed congressional approval to do that.
  5. I haven't been to a show in years but I'm going to one in 3 weeks. I'm actually excited about it!!
  6. I'm going with the consensus. Probably modern and from China.
  7. I got a 45 cent in change today. It's been pretty dry lately.
  8. I hate the dollars and I hate the quarters. I haven't ordered any sets since the national park quarter series began and I probably won't order any till it concludes. I have yet to see a quarter from this series that has peaked my interest.
  9. I ordered the uncirculated dollar and half. Both coins have been backordered until June. I can wait...
  10. What is it? It's a large silver coin... Glad I could help!
  11. I enjoy Mr. Carr's work. I have a few of his Amero coins.
  12. I would also be interested to know where you've gotten those counterfeit coins. I can't tell for sure about the Peace Dollar from the pics but the the rest are all fakes I've seen before.
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