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  1. It probably wouldn't bother me that they didn't deal in world coins, if it weren't that they claim to be dealing in the. I would much prefer if instead they'd said, "I'm not really buying that sort of thing, but I'd be happy to take a look" or "I'm mostly dealing with American coins, but you could try asking so-and-so downtown."
  2. I'd posted previously about my unsuccessful efforts to sell a 1900 Austrian 4-ducat gold coin. I went to my first show last year, the big annual international show at the Waldorf Astoria, but I'd been led astray by a couple of dealers (I think Heritage and/or Stacks) who were implying that they might be interested to the tune of $1000-$1200, but when I returned, they immediately were saying, oh, no, that wasn't what they'd meant at all. They were saying they weren't offering to buy, only hazarding theoretical prices if I wanted to consign it for auction. So I missed my chance at the show, and though I shopped around in NYC over the next several months, the prices I was being offered kept getting lower and lower - $560, $550, $520, $510, $490, $470... People were implying that the margin was so low that they wouldn't sell it for much more than that, which I didn't believe, and I also had the impression that some were claiming that the condition was worse than it was. I was finding, too, that although there are a lot of local dealers claiming an interest and expertise in international coins, that just wasn't true. I finally got so irritated that I decided to stubbornly wait until this January again. I went to the show this second time, and this time I was smart enough to make a beeline for the foreign dealers, sure I could get at least $600. I immediately got an offer for $650 - but then a better one for $700. So I think there's a double moral. First, that stubbornness can pay off. Second, that nothing takes the place of persistent legwork.
  3. Thanks, Art. Interesting, of all the people I've talked to or seen, counterfeit gold hasn't been an issue. Maybe that's because mine aren't so expensive? Maybe if I had a five-figure coin, they'd be warier. At the moment, I was hoping I might have a buyer for a $5 Indian head coin, hoping to do better than that $300. This whole Ebay obsession drives me crazy, because in a lot of cases, I don't think it's a reliable measure of worth - it's just a rush to the bottom.
  4. Re-visiting the 4-ducat coin... I'm supposed to meet a collector who might be interested. I've been told the coin would sell for over $1000, maybe $1200. But dealer have offered me around $500-$600. My hope is to sell to a collector where I could ask more than a dealer would pay, while still offering it to the collector for less than he'd pay a dealer. Would $800 be reasonable, do you think?
  5. Re-visiting this - wow, $1200? Mine is probably VF, and the offers I got (from dealers) were around $300. I have a collector who I'm going to meet, who might be interested. My hope, ideally, is to ask a price that would be more than I'd get from a dealer, but less than he'd pay if he were buying from a dealer. Could I reasonably ask $600? 800?
  6. and was hoping to sell it...but I guess it's not worth much, especially since it's been circulated? Sorry, trying to load a picture, but the system balked.
  7. Thanks, Frank, but, first, I'm not positive about the specific condition, and second, to me Ebay isn't usually the right place to look, because it mostly tends to be a race to the bottom.
  8. Hope this is the right forum for this. I have two $5 gold coins which, I thought were described as Liberty Bust, but maybe it's Half Eagle. I don't yet have a snapshot of my own, but this is the image from an Ebay example: http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/121656908629?lpid=82&chn=ps I'm hoping to sell one of them, even though I admit I'm having a hard time trying to find an interested buyer in New York City (which surprises me). One is 1899, and the other is 1880 but that one also has a small "cc" under the eagle. The wear is probably about the same (I'm new at this, but maybe VF?). Does the "cc" indicate anything meaningful in terms of value/price? (And if you're going to float some numbers, could you let me know if those are retail prices, or what a dealer would offer me?) Thanks for any insight.
  9. Excuse my ignorance, but am I right in assuming that American $100 bills from mid-century (e.g. 1950 c/d/e, 1963, 1969), circulated, and not in especially good shape, have no value beyond the face value?
  10. gxseries, I think you're absolutely right. I've called around a lot, and been in person to several places, and I get the impression that not only are the dealers not interested in international coins, but a lot of them don't seem to know anything about them. This is so weird. When I went to a coin show, I naively thought that the interested dealers would be American, not European, because they'd be harder to find in the U.S.
  11. Thanks, but I haven't had much luck with that. A lot of the coin dealers in NYC don't seem to be that reputable. In my case, they didn't know, for instance, that while the 1915 version of this coin is likely a re-strike and only worth melt value, my 1900 version should be worth more. I've been kind of surprised, in fact.
  12. I'm a newbie hoping I might get lucky with some suggestions here. I have a few gold Austrian coins I was hoping to sell. The most notable is a 4-ducat piece from 1900. I ventured to a big coin show here earlier in the year, but got misled with some not-exactly-real-offers. Now I was hoping to try and sell them locally, but although there are a lot of people claiming to be for numismatists, they're really only buying for the melt-down value of the gold, and I was told I should be able to get a bit more than that. I've also tried to track down coin collector groups, with no success. They seem very secretive and unresonsive. On top of that, I'm avoiding internet transactions. I'm happy to post on Craigslist and let anyone meet in person to see the coins, but I don't do Ebay and such. Any suggestions?
  13. Had a new experience of going to my first coin show - a three-day event at the Waldorf Astoria, which was quite something. Just curious, do you think most ordinary collectors buy a lot at those shows, or generally not? I'm trying to figure out the best method of selling a few coins, but don't have any idea if most small collectors focus on shows.
  14. Among my battered Franklin half-dollars, I found some silver-era Kennedys which, though circulated, are in fairly good shape. The few dealers I've asked said they're worth exactly the same whether worn or not (probably because they're mostly thinking of melting them down). But I was wondering - if I ever find a club, or if I were selling on Craigslist, would a good-condition Kennedy be worth any more than a battered one?
  15. Unfortunately, I can't really do Ebay for all sorts of dumb reasons. For one thing, I'd have to solicit all kinds of help with photos, uploading, etc., which I can't do. But I'm okay with Craigslist - I'm cautious and I'd meet in a public place. In fact, I'm trying to come up with better options than the usual coffeeshops that people meet in. For instance, if I met in a museum lobby, there would also be guards all around.
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