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  1. Hi everyone, I haven't posted in some time now so I hope everyone has been doing well. I have a 1925 50K that I am posting and although it is in rough condition I am wondering if it might be an impaired proof? I can't remember is proofs are plain edges or have lettered edges. This one is lettered edge. The reason I ask if it might be a proof is that the strike is pretty good compared to my other 1925 I have. But it might be me
  2. I made these token wallpapers a few month's back and thought to share.....hope you like them.
  3. Great looking re-strike......I also love these, and have both evan's re-strikes. I collect electrotypes too.....if I have a chance I will post them soon. I guess I should explain the image below......lol Its a plastic holder I had made to hold them.
  4. thanks guys......I appreciate the compliments. it's one of my favorites
  5. The link below provides a great wealth of information on my new Conder Token pickup. It is a RARE Conder Token Wiltshire Holt 11 MS64BN Along with providing a link I show an image of the old house now demolished and gone The Holt Spa Posted on Apr 2, 2011 in Social History, The villages | The commercial success of spa resorts like Bath and Buxton and on the Continent, like the original Spa in Belgium, inspired the hopeful development of numerous small spas. Taking the waters for health and the associated social scene became all the fashion. Water that was rich in i
  6. I have had the Match Safe for years but was able to add the double change purse, leather/ silver plate I like it very much as it goes well with the match safe. So I decided to take some pics and make this display........hope you enjoy.
  7. thanks everyone. I have been tinkering around and created a wallpaper from my images.
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