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  1. My languages: - English - Italian - Chinese - French - Spanish
  2. Good Saturday to all! Sometimes we come across coins or banknotes in languages we don't even know the alphabet... Why don't we create a list of forum members with their language abilities? So we could easily contact them in case of doubts... Every member could reply to this topic indicating which languages he can read. Have a nice day!
  3. I like Maple Leaf coins, but I prefer the new ones... those rays create a nice effect!
  4. Hi Hobi12! maybe mount removed? it's not easy without pictures (you can try clicking on "my media")... Good night!
  5. This kind of copper coins were minted in Italy, for the Republic of San Marino, between 1864 and 1938. There are several years. I think the most important year is 1864: actually it is the FIRST coin of San Marino since the traditional foundation of the Country (year 301). Check it out!
  6. but I like attractive women in winter clothes
  7. Hi guys! Here's another San Marino coin... https://larthmr.files.wordpress.com/2017/01/rsm-10-centesimi-1893b.jpg Country: Republic of San Marino Year: 1893 10 centesimi (10 cents) Mint: R (Rome) Mintage: 150,000 Copper Diameter: 30mm (quite big, isn't it?) Legal tender: San Marino, Italy Sorry for the picture... not so good, but it's been sealed into the flip...
  8. Well... don't have "great pieces" (they are worth just few dollars), but I like them... will upload some pictures.
  9. Ops... subscribed weeks ago, but haven't introduced myself... Good afternoon to all of you! I am of Tuscan Blood, interested in Tuscan 19th Century coins, and in Austrian, San Marino and US coins (19th Century).
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