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  1. Thank you for the info about uploading photos. But I can't find out how to upload a picture with the possibility to see full size photo at tinypic.com... Finally, I used another hosting site. To see full-size picture just click the photo. So, I'm waiting for your judgment...
  2. Hello, friends! Recently I have bought a double eagle dated 1904 (mint mark "S"). Weight is OK, thickness seems to be OK too, but the diameter is almost 34,3 mm. Is such a deviation from the nominal (34.00 mm) diameter normal for this types of coins? Or, it is definitely counterfeit?... And there is another thing. The rim of the coin has a slightly sloped (like filed) edge. So, is such a slope a result of edging at the official mint? Or, it is another sign of spuriousness?.. I really need your feedback and explanations. Particularly appeal to connoisseurs and experts on this type of coin. Thanks in advance!
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