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  1. coinmonster, re-read what qxseries says and you will STOP thinking MS when you are talking proofs. It's easy!! His following sentence should make it sink in. "Also, special polished metal planchets are used too." cladking, would you please elaborate more on how and what is done to the planchets that are to be used for proofs? Jerry
  2. 1. Are all the quarters in the roll from the same state? 2. Is the roll plastic or paper? 3. If the rolls are paper, what color? Orange and white? 4. If the rolls are paper, what does the printing say on them? Answer these questions and we will be able to answer your question
  3. Hey, are you hot? You're not as...well...frightening looking here as you are other places!!! Congrats! Jerry
  4. I hate hearing about things like this but it happens quite often in collectibles. It's always the same thought. If people only knew then what we know now. Jerry
  5. If anyone is interested, there is a stamp discussion forum over at PCGS....Actually I should say Collector's Universe. Jerry
  6. "I abhor all irredeemable paper, everything in the shape of paper issued for ciculation whether by government or individuals, which cannot be turned into gold or silver at the will of the holder." Daniel Webster. Anybody have any other quotes about paper money by well known people? How about un-well known people? How about some originals from the board members? Jerry
  7. WOW! Another Jerry. Welcome aboard!!!! Jerry
  8. mmarotta, that was very nicely written. Thank you, Jerry
  9. Well, I guess I better pick up a few. It is kind of errie though. As a matter of fact, I don't like it one bit. Why do you just say SBAs? Is that they design they mention? Jerry
  10. That was interesting. I always wondered what it looked like inside a TPG. Jerry
  11. I was told none of the TPG graders wear gloves because it causes clumziness when handling the coins???!!? Jerry
  12. I know that!!!!! But why? Is it just taken for granted that all Franklin Proofs are FBL? Or is it taken for granted that all Franklin Proofs are NOT FBL?? Jerry
  13. Are all proof Franklins considered FBL? None considered FBL? What's the deal?? Jerry
  14. Hi Gump! You found the right spot. Proofs? Someone already mentioned about the RedBook. It's a great reference. It tells you about proofs in there. Proof refers to the method of manufacture. There purpose is...well whatever you decide!! Jerry
  15. Thank-you, thank-you for mentioning stamps. I too started out with both coins and stamps. I am now getting back into my stamp collection. When I think back to what I learned from stamps I marvel. All, the different countries, and how they spell them, not just the English language way. I did see/hear this recently. Stamp collectors still out number coin collectors by far because of the large following around the world of stamps depicting Disney characters! Jerry
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