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  1. I had to vote on the low end on that one.
  2. I'm sorry to hear of you're misfortune Blackhawk. It is amazing that you could be standing right there watching this and listening to this guy take advantage of unknowing people and then turn right around and have the same guy try to cheat you the same way. I have three dealers here in my town. One of the three I dumped the same way. This guy has two small display cases and a huge office with coins and stuff lying everywhere. When you walk in the door his standard response is always "What do you want?" I visited this guy twice, second time only to give him the benifit of doubt, ie. maybe it was a bad day for him or something else the first visit. The second visit was the same. So I just stick to the other two guys who are great to me.
  3. Sounds like a coin show show well worth you're time Dan. Found you some nice coins and saw a nice 1870 CC Seated Dollar.
  4. Tupperware has coins? Man, I missed out on that one. But, seriously folks. Move them to 2x2's soon. And hey, have fun on you're Tupperware coin dig.
  5. Since I'm being forced here, I had to go with the cleaned coin on this one.
  6. Sounds like someone is positioning themselves in the online slab market.
  7. Maybe he should have a coin minted for him in Jamacia?
  8. It is always nice to see the hobby growing.
  9. Get the Redbook Detz. Knowledge is where it is at in Numismatic's.
  10. Medicoin A.K.A. Bill. Thanks Tiff A.K.A. The Bunnymeister
  11. Probably start with these. Boy aren't they a beauty? NOT!!!
  12. The downside of not having a will in place. Who gets the goods? Probably the government.
  13. Another small bite towards a cashless society
  14. That was nice Ætheling now burn. Just kidding of course.
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