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  1. AU-50 too many marks. Still nice though.
  2. Have faith. The mail slows down around Christmas.
  3. All is fair in love, war and ebay. Just bid what you want to pay and be done with it.
  4. Thats agreat idea! My seller in Germany had me send him money via Paypal to his e-mail address.I had never heard of this way. It seems to have worked as I have a receipt, and my seller said he got paid.
  5. I've had success with sending cash to the UK on 3 other occasions. Its $40 so it won't break me either way.
  6. Thats one I wish I could see in person.From what I can see AU55.
  7. I sometimes search for items on non-US E-Bay sites. I recently found some sweet items on E-Bay Germany.The items said Paypal accepted for overseas buyers.I would not have bid otherwise.Upon winning Paypal was not an option. I have emailed the seller to straighten this out.I'm steamed nonetheless. The same day I won an item from the UK. He stated no paypal, cash only from US. I won and sent the cash in 2 envelopes. I bid half of what I would have if he took Paypal.
  8. Love that series for all the reasons you state. I like the 1 1/2 d's also.
  9. Thanks! When I collected German coins there was loads of information..... in German! The same problem exists for me with French coins.
  10. In my 35 years of coin collecting I've never thought about French coins.I've just learned some French coins circulated in Canada. I'd love a Louis XIV coin.Does anyone know an online guide to these? Thanks.
  11. I love Oregon Trails. Don't have one though.I'd love to get a 1933D.Except for Lincolns,a Walker, $10 and $20 I don't think any US coins are dated 1933.
  12. I'm just starting to get into British coins.Its amazing to me that you can get individual Maundy coins from the 1600's at reasonable prices.
  13. Correct again. When I hit the Add Reply, no quote.
  14. You have to buy these from a legitimate dealer. Too many convincing fakes. No E-Bay on these.
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